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Baitzera Proof
That's textbook "you don't know what the fuck you are talking about" he's holding the angle, covering him while he clears other spots. If a CT peeks and he's not watching, they're both dead.
astralis pathetic
It was so simple and not at all random what he did on short... He did it before with a pistole a few rounds back and it worked for one kill. NiP were doing the short wall of smokes consistently and we...
Best rivalry in csgo?
NiP/fnatic fnatic/LDLC VP/"all american teams"
Stop overreacting over flamie
Probably not because they are destroying them. But still doing pretty well so far.
Pyramids and aliens
Well I've been reading your replies to people all over this thread and I haven't seen one argument other than some google images of paintings that could mean literally anything. Good job on your maste...
Pyramids and aliens
What the hell do you mean "how"? With tools and manpower. People used their hands before machines you know. There are several theories regarding the building of pyramids that are backed by enough fac...
Americans come here
Not everyone can make a fucking bomb, but every kid can buy and shoot a gun. Your point is false.
Best rivalry in csgo????????????
fnatic/LDLC. Yeah, i'm old...
NBA questions
San Antonio Spurs fo life!
Orbit vs Bpro
They used to be for like half an year. They even got in top15 for a week or so.
na'Vi in a slump? What? They were playing really good this tournament up until the final.
Respect adreN
It's easy to get over your hatered for the team that kicked you when you think about all the monney you'll be getting from the major.
bulgarian monkeys
Don't quote incorrectly. I said "nothing is BEING done" not "nothing to be done" Please read. I have a diffrent oppinion on the Arabic crisis which i wont share but i do think it has nothing in common...
bulgarian monkeys
We don't hate Macedonians... Why would we hate someone for whom we fought to free and think of as a brother. It's just that we think we are the same people but you insist to be related to ancient Mace...