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Its 5am
one of logics best songs.
I feel bad for Ex6TenZ
lol titan/g2 changed every player but Ex6TenZ and they kept getting the same results. Once he was gone G2 went up so quickly.
NaVi will win major
lol not a c9 fanboy just upsetting how they didnt make it.
NaVi will win major
why u say that :c
Cloud9 vs G2
Fucking shit whore bullcrap peice of fucking ass whip shit on eath how did this happen!?!?! :(
Bernie Sanders?
USA should just play cool for 4 years and have no press but wait for kanye to be pres in 2020
3.5k hrs
You dont have a gaming chair. Thats why your not ranking up.
if G2 bomb out of eleauge tonight
Players can peak, go down, and go back up to the top again. It doesnt matter your all time high but your current skill Vs the average player/current players is what matters.
Failed 3 classes so far in high school only grade 11, im going places
Valve's real Anti Cheat System.
why does everyone think LG cheats? Cant stand having a Brazilian team as #1 can you? Also actually born and raised here in canadian
Valve's real Anti Cheat System.
Pro scene would stay the same.
If they only replaced steel with fnx I think they would be even better. Nothing against steel but he was the only one who really needed to be replaced. And in my opinion boltz > taco. Nothing against ...
gym help
Diet is everything been working out for 2 months and two weeks and when i started i could only bench 65ibs i can now bench 120. Get atleast 1 gram or protein per a pound of body weight. Im still week ...
gym help
Why even do legs? Jk i find leg press and squats are enough and them fir calfs i do sitting calf press and standing calf press.
Shox busted?
If you play the clip flast like he didnt you would be able to hear footsteps of the player to walk to train and a pro player like shox knows where head level is when you right be site the train on sit...