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scream says s1mple and twistzz not top 5 aimers
1 awp asiimov
Donald Trump & Joe Biden
neither would I, given the options
new update
imagine trying this hard
EU quiet again?
american government doesn't give two fucks about bulgaria, let alone any laws including its own
Donald Trump & Joe Biden
the democrats are not interested in winning. do you think the democrats are trying to help americans improve their lives? they literally don't have to do anything and people will throw money at them e...
Donald Trump & Joe Biden
imagine having a population of 350 million and these are the two candidates you have to choose from what a truly amazing political system
Freedom of speech
yes, you're saying that it should be illegal to say that religion is illogical and that saying religion is illogical is illogical
Freedom of speech
ok so saying that a tradition is stupid should be illegal, but saying that saying a tradition is stupid should be legal?
Freedom of speech
ok so because you think that ancient tradition = logic, that statement becomes illegal?
Freedom of speech
ok so if I say that people who believe jesus rose from the dead or that muhammed spoke to angels are mentally ill because they have no floor under their feet and no logic whatsoever, that is this supp...
Freedom of speech
that sounds exactly what someone who hates religion would say, explain to me how your statement is legal and another isn't
Freedom of speech
ok and you hate those people who express their hate. you call them ill, and you are sitting here expressing your hate towards them.
Freedom of speech
do you hate those people because they are different? are you expressing your hate towards them? seems like you gotta go to jail...