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is this happens because we are from bulgaria
RIP youtube ?
it only happens when you click to see your subscriptions. at least for me
NiP question
they got invited to the minor after failing to even get to the minor before the last major. hopefully they will get eliminated in the minor though, so decent and exciting teams can come through
New Ranking
they're not bad at all. a guess that draken is going to be great in fnatic without proving anything is a horrible way to make a ranking
New Ranking
fnatic hasn't played a single game yet, the only way to determine their exact level now is guessing and personal opinion. the rankings are not based on that
New Ranking
I think it's very obvious that a team that changes players loses points. what do you suggets then? also, please list 6 teams that are better than sk
New Ranking
fnatic has played 0 games with 5/5, 1 event with 4/5 and the rest are 3/5. that's why they lose points.
draken was the problem XD
WC Final
saudi arabia vs iran
I really don't understand why people even mention horvy. he hasn't even played csgo in 2018 and this is the stats from the last games he played
fnatic brainless?
first they get rid of olof who is currently on his 3rd month of not playing cs because he's sad XD then they pick up xizt to igl, get rid of dennis who is currently
yes of course they should
fnatic geniuses
it's just that olof thinks he is more important than all his teammates, otherwise he would step down properly and not let faze practice for 3 months with only 4 players. it's that simple
fnatic geniuses
olof is hurting his team and should have the balls to step down properly and not pretend that he's about to come back like he did.
fnatic geniuses
it's not hypocrisy because other people said draken is inconsistent, you idiot. that's like saying it's hypocrisy that someone says pizza is the best food and others say burger is the best food..