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eksem is former name of maikelele, are you fucking retarded or something?
Faze back to back major
bro with that 2 maps i saw against pro taric, im calling it 3 back to back
dick polite
lol thats funny but childish
embarassed in gym
you meaning 20 on each side or 20 in total? im talking each second, higher weight is for powerlifters muscle builders do less weight with more focus
embarassed in gym
start with 20kg? haha, only if you are dumb and have 0 clue you should start with 10-12 and focus on muscle memory instead of just lifting
People who laugh about people's english.
i dropped out of uni just so i can skip presentations every fking second week i mean not really but one of the reasons for sure keepo
Brollan english
"Thank you so much, everyone who's at home supporting us. It's really nice to have the entire swedish scene at home supporting us, very nice, thank you"
Brollan english
furia coach
you are racist because you think an animal is representing Brazilians, not me i am just stating his username lol
stupid wild guy with ugly teeth and no manners most punchable face in the entirety of csgo imo
I am poor
average? idk very low but >euro >iran pick one
I am poor
i get 400e every month for doing absolutely nothing and i'm still not happy find your happiness in something else, not money
kazakh are turk??
kazakh are originaly afghan and turks are originaly arab and arabs are originaly africans and africans are originaly american and americans dont exist as a race
Why I hate ZywOo
trying to talk with people on this fking forum, omfg they are like your 6yo cousin.. stupid mofos have weird logics sometimes i want to meet them irl and punch them in the head
VAR in football
if var in footbal is more than 0.05, you will get lag in ball