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ZywOo top 1 2019
In 2019 LAN events, ZyWoO has 30bombed 23 times(including overtimes). Thats huge I dont think anyone could match that.I
karrigan best fragging igl?
MAD Lions vs North
Usually never bet on North but those 2.05 odds were op. So easy money
best BEER
Ale coq staropamen krusovice(not dark) also Lindemans kriek
i did 3 mile run
Some weeks back i run 13km in 1hour and coumple minutes, dont remember. But average pace was 5:20 per kilometer. Was super easy tbh. Hardest thing is that its boring to run so slow and long distance :...
oldest meme of csgo?
god tier meme https://imgur.com/exjw0cy
first time having sex
best thing im seen in hltv last 3 months
redbull vs monster vs water vs ur pick
I remember when Monster Energy came to Estonia there was also blu monster which was called "Lo-Crab" and one with ice tea mix "rehab". But we dont have those anymore. Just original and some other tras...
Thank god we have Astralis in final.
Your best chance is to get into relationship with good girl. Then you dont have to worry about anything. That girl might actually be happy if you still virgin. Just learn togheter and get better. Dont...
Prime ZywOo > Prime KennyS
Why u compare KennyS with ZyWoo. Kenny was pretty much the reason why awp got nerfed. So he had to start from zero to learn new awp. Thats kinda hard to do it when u are used to play it otherwise. Zy...
Top 5 Favorite Skins
AK-47 Red Laminate w ESL Cologne(red), ScreaM(cologne 2016 foil), Ex6tenZ (mlg 2016 foil), G2(cologne 2016 holo) AWP Graphyte w Titan katowice 2014 M4a1 Icarus Fell w 3x Maniac cologne 2015(foil)
seems like they are waiting for MSL to build new house and then we can play on
Fast AWPers?
kennyS fastest awper ever to touch this game S1mple ZyWoo chrisJ /close
top5 csgo teams ever
3. Verygames