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i rate rap songs
Its me again. Different song this time
i rate rap songs
LUL c9 styko.
Cloud9 1 major FaZe 0 Also Liquid major runs against EU teams. Lost only to Brazil.
NIP and not qualify for major
Ex6TenZ and going out in groups(major) Comes from diehard Ex6TenZ fanboy tho...
LUL c9 styko.
not so sure
Happy is bad even for academy team.
ScreaM to G2 (90% confirmed)
Yeah i would be hyped and stuff but, G2 has been togheter for so few time and i dont think thwy will make changes already. if it would be -boddy then they would lose major spot also. So if really this...
"super team" of your country
HS ropz Fejtz sperr cheti
Tell top 3 players in your country
4th imo
Tell top 3 players in your country
ropz HS sperr
Envyus best possible roster !
ScreaM NBK RPK ZyWoo apEX Probably will never happen
Late 2018 G2
Typical trash talk about Ex6 "a low fragging IGL, who was sometimes getting destroyed by T4 teams in LDLC, in spite of having some decent players around him (Alex, Maniac, Devil). " Bring out only bad...
Yeah your opinion isnt wrong also. Thats why we have to just wait and see whats gonna happen with that group :))
So fucking easy to win this group. NRG low, FaZe with cromen also shit. Ex6TenZ, shox and Smithhz have been working togheter more than 2 months already, for those who say its a new team and they are n...
NRG vs G2
Easy for Kevin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans