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The whole point of that language is that it has bunch of shit mixed so that it should be the easiest language to learn for people who speak a bunnnnch of different native languages. Mby when society g...
Sad because this was fake
Democrats fucked up
leftists everywhere in the world are the real problem and real enemy
Democrats fucked up
Why are you so toxic man??? T_T I think the evil rich capitalists should pay their fair share , if they earn 80 million euro , government should take at least 40 so that they can give to poors
Democrats fucked up
everyone only care about money man...what about the poor? the people uWu
Democrats fucked up
Average 13 year old leftist spoiled kid "everyone just care about money uWu" hahahahaha stupid yet cute
coolest country names?
United Kingdom Singapore Iceland Macedonia Estonia South Korea New Zealand
Add tanks/helicopters to CSGO?
your dream car
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Friend Cuckold
hahahahahahahaha you fucking retard ROFL
Astralis salary?
it really is just the spoiled leftist brats who believe such things Over here in Argentina around 70-80% of the population is alt leftist and we see Europe as a continent with the countries in it bein...
What i don't understand is why do so many people think that Brexit must mean protectionism and isolation. Im pretty sure what they want is to change their fiscal and immigration terms , UK has too muc...
Swedes help me? :)
#7 Sad to hear that , an MM is just like 20-30 minutes but losing those minutes just to teach swedish to an s.a scrub might not be worth it :( #8 Someone who doesnt mind about rank and wants to teach...
Swedes help me? :)