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last of us 2
I couldn't see the game between all of the leftism.
Germany's youth !
it just looks like a bunch of youngsters having fun in a pool
greta is a joke
I saw today that she presented a formal complain in the U.N against Brasil and Argentina for CO2 emissions.... HERE'S OUR CO2 EMISSIONS https://i.redd.it/5uiajs56clo31.jpg This is all her parents , n...
greta is a joke
That's exactly what they do in Sweden , Germany and the UK though , aren't you supposed to be the more progressives???
the 2006 stands for your alt # , jovik.
Lock her up! lock her up!**
Brazilian user dead?
I'll tell you right now , tougher police + gun rights would prevent at least 40k of those deaths.
Faze Cold Confirmed
why did you have to say that...
coldzera new proof
ey mens )))) can u bump my thread??? https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2146671/fnx-got-so-rekt
Worst person in ur country's history?
You're not even gonna mention Wildrow Wilson? , dissapointed...
Worst person in ur country's history?
Juan Domingo Peron The Kirchners.
Take spanish if smart, take french if stupid
French is disgusting because you can smell the leftism from a km away , its cool in the sense that it sounds poetic and harmless but its also sooooo fucking shady and leftist , gross.
Those were the times.
American slavery
U.S Americans = Retarded.
Germany army
Northern Mexicans are mostly celtic race. Most U.S Americans are brown and mixed as well. Native Americans are mongoloids , like the Japanese , South Koreans and Hong Kongers. Atributing race to socio...