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i can fix any team in top 20 (fullproof)
they are not top 20 tho i know col is technically 23 but wateva
i can fix any team in top 20 (fullproof)
they could possibly make a danish roster. farlig, maybe refrezh + whoever they can get from heroic/mad lions/north. snappi and that guy kristou north is using i guess.. snappi seems like a dumb choice...
astralis pick
I would rather be g2 and possibly play astralis twice which they ended up doing. If upper/lower brackets werent a thing and the seeding was the same, g2 would have gotten alot less points because they...
astralis pick
good bait
Beer drinkers, come here!
Beer drinkers, come here!
well yes, but is it really expensive compared to sweden? lol
Beer drinkers, come here!
come to cph and partay partay. I always meet swedes when im out
would love to see 2016-2017 heroic jugi with more consistency - if he can get that level back, then astralis era 2.0 basically lol
Valorant Csgo but Valorant spyware
some self-awareness might be needed just about.. lemme see, now lol
buying new pc
i did in my recent build i had to sell (rip btw), had the corsair mp510 so not the fastest ever, but basically. I couldn't tell at all though, to be completely honest also
TOP 3 IGL now and top IGL of all time
In defense of the point u make about glaive playing with them for years. I bet he knew everyone except kjaerbye when he joined (or he had known them before, if u get what im trying to say), he'd playe...
I just got Valorant.
I enjoy it a lot - i've grown a bit tired of cs tbh. cs will always be the go to for me, but as of now, valorant is a nice breath of fresh air. The mechanics and weapons are close enough to cs that i ...
-karrigan people
'most of astralis' bad b8