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i have greyhound but else is same
R8 my pickem
fakeflag france?
PREDICTION iem katowice 2019 main qualifier
switch spirit and furia with avangar and winstrike + move c9 down to the middle group
Roster moves after major
i can garantee valde is worth more to north than any organisation wants to pay but whatever
Roster moves after major
north literally has one of the biggest backings of all cs teams, the money they can get for valde is petty cash compared to the funding they have. they would much rather have someone carry their team ...
Roster moves after major
2. valde staying at north 100%, doesnt matter who they "should get" when he's not a possibility
Roster moves after major
most of these seem legit, but i highly doubt north will pick up msl in the coming years.
buy pubg, much better in that game
Faze -AdreN
north is never gonna sell valde
Lets play a game?
Girl talked to me #4 (COMEBACK STORY)
> HLTV user > Have sex Choose both, we live in 2019, everything is possible now
18+ Antidepressants
well, u gotta talk openly with your psychologist about this and see what he thinks, then maybe go see a psychiatrist who can prescribe you the correct drug in the correct dosage. The goal is to have m...
everyone is, he's still a beast with m4/ak tho so who cares
I think we can agree to disagree, because i dont think he's a great igl or player and neither of us is changing our minds :)
-adren +sergej
1. Zeus have said many teams have made an offer for simple, including faze but simple didnt want to leave, so he is staying 2. electronic wouldnt be able to tell you five english words so he's not a p...