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Back to back ninja defuses in DMG mm (feedback)
Honestly that's impressive as fuck. Some DMGs are really good, and the fact that you got 2 ninja defuses in a row is really impressive. Even doing something like this in silver is hard, because there ...
gla1ve 2 years ago
I would like to see a comparison of his ability to shoot through back then and now. I can almost guarantee that it will not even be close.
enjoy school!
nt teacher
The flusha situation
Xyp9x it's over now
He went from complete dogshit to BEST CLUTCHER IN THE WORLD!!! xd
Astralis is cheating
+1, I'm glad that users like you are around. It shows me that not everyone is blind when it comes to the scene.
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
And I think the rush of winning a huge turnament is worth the risk, because as stated above, I don't think the risk is that big.
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
I can see your point, but I honestly think it has come to a point where even if they detected some kind of cheat it would destroy the scene for good. So I think they are looking the other way when it ...
Xyp9x is Cheating
"He heard him!!!" "Gamesense!!!" "He used radar!!!" xd
Xyp9x is Cheating
Should CS:GO learn from other big games?
I don't really like that statement. There are cheats being sold for many thousand dollars, and I can't really see who would buy them except for the tier 1-2 players, seeing as one turnament-win can pr...
top-5 years in cs go
Ye, I agree. 2014 is my favorite year, and yes I am very biased because I love NiP, and finally seeing NiP and especially GeT_RiGhT winning a major brought a little tear of joy to my eye.
He looks like a person I'd like to have a beer with.
top-5 years in cs go
+1, and fuck 2016 because fuck mibr xd
Link me some weird/funny videos If you are a fan of Pingu you will like this.