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hltv alcohol experts come here
Ur just in your own head, no way you're actually very drunk at all from one beer, unless u weigh like 45kg. Drink some water and calm down.
I can't stop eating
lmao just dont eat
Best American State
Illinois. Has rural parts, urban parts Just avoid south side chicago and ur good
Porn is all fake +18
yeah its not meant to be super real. its supposed to be as sexually stimulating to the viewer as possible.
astralis destroyed the scene
They are literally just unbreakable on CT side of most maps. Someone will eventually beat them, but I agree it's really tough watching every team struggle to execute faster than Astralis rotates.
tarik isn't even on a team
Stewie top5 NA...
NRG BYE BYE :) :) :)
#4 rank proves that nobody except Astralis and Liquid could actually win this event.
Liquid 3-0 pickers come here
who knew the #1 and #2 seeds went 3-0
USA Florida come here
Florida is the worst place u could go to in America. I wish I could give you advice, but you're kinda going to a shithole. Only things to do are golf with retired people or go to trashy clubs and do m...
Ate a cigarette
CSGO was way more lit in 2015 than it is now.
Kanye West
yeah no doubt. all the music we hear now is influenced by kanye. 808s and mbdtf are 2 of the best albums ever.
Im high af AMA
u dont need to use drugs often but u should keep an open mind and at least try weed once
Ceh9 "Marik is going back do navi, Zeus to retire"
ceh9 is the famous youtuber right
Top 5 fav pros
tarik Stewie2K Skadoodle RUSH autimatic