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frankie cringe
You clearly lack social skills if you think this is awkward on Frankies behalf. She's trying so hard to wake these dudes up but they legit don't say a word unless she singles them out individually. Pr...
Grayhound vs Genuine
This aged well
r8 my new shoes
I rate your PC
Thanks so much for the answer my dude, this has helped loads! Fortunately for me The DRP4 is available and I'm going for a non rgb build so it seems perfect. Those temps are awesome to see too, have ...
I rate your PC
What are your temps on air bro? Thinking of using a dark rock pro 4 but scared of overclocked temps. Also, what are you frames in cs at different res in faceit games? Sorry for being so needy but it w...
Yeah thanks for pointing out that a very few rich indians live like kings while the rest of the population lives in squalor because they don't have access to basic first world facilities. Your point p...
do u miss old csgo
Thanks for reminding me of how dogshit the game was compared to now.
I guess your faceit lvl
Very close. 10 :)
Had it bro spiralled my life out of control. Couldn't focus on anything, couldn't study, couldn't articulate myself in any way, speech, writing it all went out the window. I 'cured' it by looking mor...
I guess your faceit lvl
2013 4500 Dmg
@op Listen bro, just quit cs and give up. Competitive isn't for you. Or if you don't wanna be a little bitch I suggest you actually try and improve yourself, and yes not only do you have to work on...
jew stabs 6 gay ppl
2015 nice bait
What "oof" means?
ooff = that was crazy or nice shot or that's unbelievable
Reasonable response.