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cars = waste of money
Do you guys have any idea of how big the states are? Its bigger than whole europe. I have to drive 134 km to get to my job. No bus does that under an hour and a half. I could take the train, cus i'm l...
marriage is a scam
It is... you dont need to share 50% of your income to show a proof of love that will maybe last 4-5 years in these times.
marriage is a scam
A tradition is being pressured by dead people.
fast food
It's fast and it's food. So yeah.
fast food
The fuck? I had none of these problems. Sure the burger is somewhat greasy with that bacon and cheese, but thats how a real burger should look like. Not one of the dry cardboard patty without any seas...
fast food
Your only argument is that it looks like shit for five guys? They have the best fast food burger.
i have mirror addiction
Nah nah nah, what you mean is you are gaybian. You are a male, but you are only attracted by non male.
worst economic decision you ever made?
Spent around 60k on all sort of online casinos while in college with some of it being some of my parent allocations to help me live abroad. I lied to them for 5 years. Worst decision of my life.... so...
if nitr0 stayed in cs
To everyone trashing nitro, he left the competition because he just had a kid and didnt have the time or the same passion anymore. He later then went to valorant to play with some old friends. He coul...
Top 10 players 2021?
If faze comeback strong, twitzz could be there, but i highly doubt it. NAF would have more chance to get there.
SG 553
Higher fire rate would become a hs machine. I wouldnt mind but they would have to up the price a little and maybe remove 5 more ammo. If not, the gun would be too op.
COVID Vaccine
Sometimes i just want to wait in front of a vaccination center and when people come out, i have a pre recorded static sound playing on my radio to fuck with them.