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Toxicity doesn’t lose games, bad players do
I dont play to win anymore, i'm older and now when i play its for fun. If i win, i see that as a bonus. So i'll try my best in the game, i'll be the best support you can have. Flashing for you, smokin...
But but but.. the windows in space are curved and its the fish eye effect. Same thing when they walk out, their helmet is round, so it makes the earth round. Trust me, i have years and years of intern...
Liquid options
So, because twistzz doesnt have as many frags, he should be cut? Then who the fuck will support Elige? He's the one doing the utilities. Him and Stewie setup Elige. Stewie entry first, then Elige come...
And? is that not how a support player should play? Why should he have to entry? Elige and Stewie are the entry. Their setup is pretty easy to see, Stewie pushes first and setup Elige who then get a ma...
What if Biden dies before he gets his 1st Term
That's why you need to vote for a party and not for a person. Stupid country.
They dont need a master fragger, they just need a decent igl that doesnt rush and die first under 10 secs of the round every single time on T. Stewie is always pushing first on t side. The amount of t...
Whats wrong with Liquid
Why is it always a team being bad and not the other team doing great? As far as i can see, Furia are very strong right now.
NA faceit
Just pay for esea, NA faceit is trash, full of angry poor people and angry kids without credit cards.
How to attract women by Corey Wayne
Super easy, dress well, smell good and be confident in everything you do. Thats all you need.
Why I don't really like films/TV.
No wonder you think its so fake with an attitude like that, nobody would want you to any party or have sex with you. If you cant detach yourself from fiction and end up being downed by that, then you ...
any browser games?