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Your best troll picture !
The one where a black dude fucks some girl and then pinfall her wrestling style. Idk if hltv admins will ban me for this so I won't post it
Why do i suck with pistols?
Only bad players are good with pistols that's a fact.
I want to laugh a bit #ClintEastwoodTheBest
LE-GE MM Lobby
I joined and I saw somebody with LE rank. Gave me aids
kennyS still the best
Muricans analyzing, painful to read everytime.
Quit CS?
All you need my dude.
Quit CS?
If you have something else that interest you in life besides cs commit to it so you forget about this cancer of a game my friend :)
Quit CS?
Literally everything about cs makes me a worse person. I get mad, I do not listen to people, I get lazy and I am gaining weight by the days go by. But I am Global Elite so I am fine.
How can you explain me losing my LEM on a 15-15 game? My score was 58-19.
Jews being jews right
Fifflaren 2008
What's 9*15-23+10 please?
ScreaM - Best 4k ever ?
Maybe that's just your brain lagging?
Polaks stealers?
Yet arabs are by far and it's not even questionable more intelligent than polaks who can only be used to lift sandbags at best
Is it fair?
Why are you dumbasses explaining the rules to people? Wtf
60$ on titan. I have not watched a single match except Titan vs EnvyuS. Didnt even watch vs penta because we had to watch fucking german stream.