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Astralis in one picture
Denmark Badminton > All of Europe Badminton
got a shoulder injury, and that was the end of it :(
Denmark Badminton > All of Europe Badminton
Morten Frost should ring a bell, if you're really from Indonesia. Peter Gade, Poul Erik Højer, Kenneth Jonassen, Jan Ø Jørgensen, Camilla Martin, Tine Baun, Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen .. And mos...
Denmark Badminton > All of Europe Badminton
We have some pretty good facilities, we invest a lot in talent. I used to play at a somewhat high level, and they took us to Asia, to compete against the best, already at the age of 13. We had all t...
faze 2-0
Denmark ur sick
this might be the stupidest thing, i've ever read on HLTV, so congrats on that one man.
broky is not the player FaZe needs
Burger price inyour country?
by decenti mean a somewhat good burger, from a nonmulti corporate chain. Local shops with lots of grease. a high quality is around 23-28€. Delivery in Copenhagen is around 3-5€
Copenhagen Flames vs North
not anymore, since they threw for skins
Copenhagen Flames vs North
North throwing for skins.. doesnt matter, they will never make it to a major anyway
Burger price inyour country?
decent burger with fries and delivery is around 15-18€
US dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1900.
going to NY next friday :)
US dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1900.
well .. rip me then :(
USA dominates sports
US And A suck hard at Badminton and Handball
BIG thought they had a chance .. but nope, astralis was just toying with them!