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Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
what? there is though.. Dawud 4596: Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet said: The Jews were split up into seventy-one or seventy-two sects; and the Christians were split up into seventy one or seventy...
Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
i mean i dont wanna be rude but you're basically asking opinions of people who are brainwashed by the media, they know only an image of islam based on that which came in the media, just like you menti...
Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
so they're reliable on something they have no knowledge of?
Is Islam truly a religion of peace?
ye he thinks he can find the right answer to his question on HLTV.. kaiser karl if u want answer pm me!
UK lul
this is just brainwashing and ignorance by these teachers, they do not show respect to their fellow neighbors/UK people like this, if they would have proper knowledge they wouldve taught these childre...
Convert To Islam
you do, the 5 daily prayers is the most important pillar after the testimony of faith, and neglecting them makes you a disbeliever
Convert To Islam
ofcourse not, people pre-revelation and people in for example black africa who are in some weird tribes and who never got the revelation to them will be tested in the Hereafter, Allah doesn't punish a...
BO1 wins @ previous major
Im Lebanese AMA
what? did you know that Allah commanded you in the quran to follow the prophet muhammed (what he said and his actions), and the only sect that does that is the sunnah, ever read the hadith (which is a...
w0xic toxic?
Only religious people
very true brother
Why doesnt ZywOo stream ??
what u mean, if he'd start streaming he would be top of reddit and get 20k viewers garuanteed cuz people would wanna watch him play
Believe in GOD, come here.
yeah a flag determines whether the truth is established or not..keep believing that youve been created out of nothing ('big bang'), may Allah guide you
Believe in GOD, come here.
dont argue with him, truth is known and he is someone who Allah has chosen not to guide (we thank Allah for guiding us, may he guide him aswell), arrogance has befallen over him and shaytaan's whisper...
Movistar Riders
ironic as the movistar riders are FPL-C players and theyve tried qualifying for FPL but with no succes and loba has been rocking FPL since 2 years or so