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you totally didn't get that knowledge/opinion from the countless atheists around you, just blindly copying their opinion without any research whatsoever, ultimately claiming god doesn't exist just bec...
you're somewhat right:
rip McSkillet
name checks out imagine following your desire for this worldly life and turning a blind eye to reality because you've been brainwashed by society, media, entertainment (you are not alone, 99.9% of pe...
muslims second sky door
project blue beam which is in construction to end up brainwashing, scaring and control people to make them think aliens are coming and they will illustrate jesus
rip McSkillet
1 grain of Allahs vast and infinite mercy is enough to be forgiven and saved, may He grant us that on the Day we need it the most (Day of reckoning)
what? atheists are blind people who are being toyed with by government/technology/illuminati islam teaches us manners, being good to others whether disbeliever or not, we have our own peace greeting ...
Scream LMAO
because he was a prophet, the reason mankind in this generation thinks religion is ancient and there bullshit is because of technology and brainwashing/mind control and how they have beautified this w...
Scream LMAO
ScreaM isnt even a real muslim as he doesn't pray, lets start there secondly islam is all about being peaceful and having good manners with others whether it's a disbeliever or not. Muhammad always d...
yeah no problem in this world but eternal problems in the aferlife. take heed
taylor swift fans come here
lul millions of fans brainwashed by their famous idols who work for illuminati and sold their soul to devil for fame & money and now shes tryna sound real for her fans so they vote for LGBTQ rights w...
Bible vs Quran
No it doesn't, try reading the explanation those verses (tafseer ibn katheer) and maybe it'll open your eyes akhi, don't talk about something you have no knowledge of also OP is delusional for thinki...
It is merely the speech of your creator revealed upon Muhammed, you think someone wrote a book as perfect as that, predicting future events AND describing events from even years before the Quran, out ...
ill tell you how it is: poverty, richness, illness, disobedient children and whatnot are all forms of trials, Allah created every single one of us to test us, and in the end we return to him and he wi...
and who told you this? your desire? the ppl who follow their desire and claim this without proof? better start looking up the purpose of your creation and who it is, all found in the Quran which is th...
fnatic Academy vs Business 5
hes just playing a lan with his uk mates, hes played UK lans before and even in uk teams (before joining faze for example)