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Your religion (VOTE)
it is cuz u follow society/your own desire and believe in x as the cause of our universe, it's really simple brother, basic logic and reasoning will lead you to God (God by definition is infinite btw)
welcome to the generation of blind following and deceivement
what to do in life
-follow Dirty_south1337
Do you eat pork?
imagine taking pride looking down upon muslims, you jews literally know islam is the truth yet deny it, which is why Gods curse is upon you, if only you knew what the jews are doing behind the scenes....
you're ignorant mate, why do you blindly take one side instead of looking for an explanation with open heart and mind? your society brainwashed you and now you judge religion based on that, clearly be...
wow what did i do wrong?
Religion also rape = zina which is one of the destructive sins the way you interpret the religion is far from correct and you're talking about something you have n...
TRUMP TWEET axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
indeed, all part of their agenda to scare and brainwash/control people, jews are striking and soon it will all come out
[+18] Muslim logic
no, i believe because i've done actual research to see if islam is man made or not, and there's enough proof (this is why people who were born atheists/christians still convert to islam), while people...
[+18] Muslim logic
yes thats where you''re correct, we should not enforce our religion on others, proof is in the quran and sunnah
[+18] Muslim logic
indeed, thanks for saying this, OP tryna hate on something he has no knowledge of because he read some stuff on media and internet, proceeds to follow and agree blindly, how convincing!
[+18] Muslim logic
i advise you to do your research dear human:
now you suddenly know the reason i follow islam? there are several proofs proving quran isnt manmade and muhammed wasnt a false prophet but since you have no interest its pointless to help you further
i already explained he wasnt a pedo..ill leave you with that
what? i can claim you follow society which allows gambling, illegal sexual intercourse, interest, drugs, alcohol which are the 5 destructors of a society, islam condemns all 5 so i can go ahead and sa...