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Space Jam vs Digital Chaos
yeah you nailed it brother
OpTic vs Imperial
heroic and optic need to shuffle at this point
Murica ROFL
stop calling them muslims ffs..what these refugees do are among big sins which they will get judged for in the hereafter, you really think a religion prescribes these things? its not because they look...
im dead lul
bro chill out, i remember the news a year or two ago where someone died cuz of monster overdose, i know thats an extreme case but u gotta watch out for ur health, 1 a day is reasonable though compared...
fnatic brainless?
lol xizt and draken were trash alongside GTR, who is the real problem since years, just watch them do work alongside flusher/JW and rock krimz who actually perform unlike get_shit
Renegades vs Gambit
FNS -20000 iq idea
br disrespect
dont take it too personal most of them do it for the memes, jumping on the hate bandwagon
Muslims lul
alright fellow human, whatever suits your boat
Muslims lul
you're delusional if you think feeling compassion for the poor is the only reason fasting was prescribed by allah, theres much more to it but you're as ignorant as every other person out there about i...
NTC calm down
i actually wanted to roast brazillians off of this but i would get banned lul
NTC calm down
emitting their passion more agressively unlike europeans/NA's, kinda shows the agressive and confident nature of brazillians, they aint scared of anything
Fear of death
you just proved that atheists are deluded LUL
Belgium come here
very true