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Lucid Dream vs NewliFe
ez for newwife
How to stop school shootings
"Ban guns" - Making them illegal wont make guns dissappear, the shooter will find a way to grab one. "Metal detector" If the shooter cant get through the detectors he/se will kill somewhere else, lik...
Codewise Unicorns vs Não Tem Como
"Welcome to Europe u little fucks" -Szymon 'Crityourface' Pluta
SEAL vs Singularity
You see now?;)
mousesports vs Nemiga
Same here m8
mousesports vs Nemiga
3 maps - free christmass money for u guys ;)
mousesports vs Nemiga
Team morale you know? After important finals loss they probably dont take this game seriously at all, their eyes are on winning faze next time not fucking nemiga.
mousesports vs Nemiga
How's truth a bait?
[16+] Best/worst country to live in
Finland by mile. You can live your life getting everything you need without doing a single second of work.
Finnish superteam
He's definitely inside top 5-10, main thing is that he isn't support player nor igl and he's probably not better than the trio sergej allu sunny
Finnish superteam
Sergej - Young gun AleksiB . IGL Sunny - Star player Allu - Experiended tier 1/1.5 player joelz - Prolly the best based on raw talent? vs Space Soldiers
vp.worthlessgames* Is this one of those?:P
SEAL vs Singularity
Because that's how it has been for 2 years
SEAL vs Singularity
-Bendji incoming, then after few weeks -Dumas or vice versa
Top 5 Punchable Face Pros
Conclusion of this thread: Why are every danish player punchable looking?