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TDK logO iz vari Kreygasm, I are think that
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What do you study at University?
Ye economics big Meh, most Jobs disapparing from that area etc, no point anymore, sadly :(
fnatic vs HellRaisers
flusha Will go godmode like back in the day to reach legend status once more, Quick and easy 2-0 for fnatic.
G2 vs FaZe
Quick comeback to say that this is Where Ex6TenZ Excel and 5x on G2 is just Free money.
i love lolis
IP Ban INC, thank you Come again.
PlayStation 2
Ps2 masterrace
PlayStation 2
Those 2 Kreygasm
Sweden pride
Nah, wouldnt change a thing, even if they got 51%
Sweden pride
same shit 20 years ago, just that the bad stuff are now starting to escalate more and more for each year and soon enough, KAAABOOOM.
Sweden pride
NRG vs Gambit
NRG have looked like an old school NA team (HORRIBLE), but sadly GAMBIT have been sucking as well.. BUT, this 1 day break will have given BLAD3 enough time to be ready to ASS FUCK NRG TACTICALLY at t...
Sweden pride
Well if Norway also collapse, Finlandia might also be in trouble after that... but I actually think you will manage it, DENMARK on the other hand = BYE BYE.
Sweden pride
Sweden pride
left and "right", doesnt matter its the same, even if SD had 51%, it wouldnt matter. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, you cant stop it now, you can only embrace and accept it. EDIT: it = the INEVNETUALĂ–YLYLA O...
Sweden pride
If we go down, we gonna take Norway down with us brother, (perhaps your oil money will save you), but if Sweden wont return to glory, the money will eventually run out and then rip you as well.
Hitler was manlet !