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Stewie's tweet
Damn y'all really tilted over someone not liking to play a video game early in the morning. Find enjoyment in your existence plz
-nitro was stupid
haha braindead. Stewie was second most impactful player statistically on Liquid and probably the most impactful now with him IGL'ing. They've lost a couple bo3's in an online season don't think it's a...
EG soon top 1
y'all got complexity, heroic, and Big consistently winning events in EU and think your region is the shit lmao. Once LAN is back Liquid, EG gonna stomp this whole ass scene it's not even gonna be clos...
azk is literally on a team with brax + ska and Dazed plays all the time just isn't at their level.
should steel get unbanned
Done more for this scene while being banned then most players ever will. He's a great person and excellent leader and one of the best things about the NA scene. Should be unbanned for sure.
FURIA vs Chaos
Steel is goat
Wardell big mistake ?
I agree with you, I was just saying C9 was better. I think Wardell has a great future in valorant and after this first wave of rosters and contracts is over I wouldn't be surprised if he is on the bes...
Wardell big mistake ?
Liquid vs Ze Pug Godz
2 players with 100 adr and over 1.5 rating in a map. And neither player is one of the three top 10 players in the world that you also have on your team. Liquid is stacked to the max.
Probably full time awping in scrims now, dude isn't missing rn.
Juice WRLDs best song on Legends Never Die ?
Come and Go
UFC 251
Fight back