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Zwarte Piet Netherlands
Big no. Leave my country.
No, he really isn't.
Fuck Blast
"Ü.Ü" Leave.
s0mple toxic again
Looks like OP got his little balls hurt.
NIP respect
Still pretty much 100% Heroic being through, they'd have to end up with more than -16 RD. Heroic should be good, IF they win.
NIP respect
Aah yes, took a better look at the event page and you're completely right. I guess based on RD then Heroic is is going through and NiP will still have to play more, since NiP is already on a -1 RD. ...
NIP respect
I was actually confused for a second, but with a +9 RD Vs Vitality's -9, all they have to do is win two maps 16-14 and not lose the last remaining one without getting a single round, and Vitality is o...
Joker movie
A few.
Joker movie
Most civilized countries have that, mate.
Trump REKT by Nickleback
EZ to find it tho. 10/10 meme
Lil Peep "Everybody's Everything"
Nah, they're just leeching his death. Just like COWYS Pt.2
nearly had fight with 2 grown man yesterday
One Mc Flurry please, And make it quick you useless member of society.
nearly had fight with 2 grown man yesterday
You sound like the type of person who will end up maintaining government gardens but thinking way too highly of yourself. You're at the bottom of the ladder mate and there are no steps for you to cl...
lmao no, pronunciation is off, she puts way too much emphasis on every sentence, which is obvious evidence this was studied and studied and studied where she just reads the line, says it just like eve...
So forced it hurts lmao.