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Same stuff, by the numbers the advantage lies with whoever he was hyping up at that time. Like I said, that's storybuilding, he paints the picture for you, the situation they're currently in. Twistzz ...
??? How is that 'being wrong'? Nobody can know how that battle is going to end up, that's just him building hype and suspense..
s1mple plz ..
It's like the team plays around the best player. Weird how that works.
Trump just fucked his party
"They both want to bring universal healthcare and fre college, both could bring that through easily." Are you trolling or just stupid?
Envy vs FURIA
Is that the reason your most popular player can't even stream without it getting ruined? :o
Envy vs FURIA
are you?
Envy vs FURIA
That kscerato is a pretty toxic dude lmao
virginity is hilariously cringey when it manifests itself mate.
Astralis vs compLexity
Your set-ups might differ slightly bud.
Ariana Grande is trash
Just making an observation friend.
Ariana Grande is trash
saying 0/8 is funny.. When you're around 13-18. 'Triggering' people, is funny, when you're around 13-18. If you top that 20, you should be transitioning from being a Fortnite player to an actual adult...
Ariana Grande is trash
Just making an observation my friend. If you're anywhere over the age of 20 and you think this is 'funny', I can only really feel bad for you. :/
Ariana Grande is trash
You sure as fuck act like one tho lmao. Mental age and physical age are miles apart in some people. some never really leave their childhood behind.
Racist players
He said something our dear OP doesn't agree with.
Ak-47 cost
Didn't ask.*