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Renegades vs Luminosity
yeah or whatever,, like im so mad.. i had 2.7 odds on first map lumi .. with 50$ bet and they fucked it up.. i wouldn't be mad if they lost normally .. but after this huge choke.. it fucking tilts me
Renegades vs Luminosity
Nifty was so fucking lucky in the most fucking important round.. jesus ...
Renegades vs Luminosity
nifty the fuck was that?.. i've never seen a shot like that?.. is that even real guys?
Liquid vs Astralis
i had 3-0 astralis.. but they fucking choked 13-8 ... obv im mad , then i've betted liquid to win map 4 sadly ? they had to choke 11-5
Liquid vs Astralis
CZ:GO winning the game for astralis.. 11-5 all they had to do is just to fucking force with CZ's and play close , fucking nerf this piece of shit gun
Liquid vs Astralis
[+18] Your favorite part in women
[18+] No fap thread
Nofap is bullshit .. don't believe everything that's said on internet... How can fapping affect your motivation?.. Tbh for me fapping releases a lot of stress from me, unless you are fapping like 3tim...
Astralis vs mousesports
it should be
Valiance vs GODSENT
yep everything is rigged because you are losing your bet, braindead guy right here... you are probably 15yo kid that's losing like 5$ and spaming on every thread : ,,Omg this is rigged , chinese mafi...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
rip 300$ winnings.. chokenatic :(
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
yes he said that , but they can still qualify.. maybe just some kind of mindgames :D
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
what are you talking about , they can still make dallas...
200£ on navi
Ss and post it here then