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FPS problem
Sprout vs Valiance
tbh its not valiance playing bad , its sprout trying their asses off i really like their playstyle , great teamplay impressed.
european hikers killed in morocco
I have no balls to watch the graphic video , once i watched some ISIS shit cutting heads of innocent people and i remember it in my mind till today , it's horrifying to even think about how someone ca...
Vitality vs AVANGAR
Lmao stupid retards , you act like its over , vitality is not good on dust 2. Watch them win inferno 16-6 and mirage 16-8 . Dumb people srsly
Vexed vs Red Reserve
there's no fucking way that RR would lose to vexed if they played at least on 50%... just look at vexed , every single leftout , HNS this dude is just casual lvl 10faceit player ... But as you can s...
Vitality vs Kinguin
my fucking god rip -4.5 hdc hoyl fucking shit .. against full usp's are you kidding me
OpTic vs Heroic
LMAO all they had to do was to hide , especially friberg JUGI HAD NO FUCKING TIME HOLY SHIT
Astralis vs Liquid
MIBR vs Renegades
I had +3,5 renegades , im so fucking done
9 to 5 jobs
It's my first year in uni , im travelling every single day , 2hours to get to my uni and 2 hours to get back home.. its fucking unreal.. and it's one of the hardest uni's out there... let's say every...
and how do you know that? Ofc you can cheat on some low tier shitty tournaments with prizepool of 500$ .. Because there's no AC , but in higher tier tournaments if you would even try to cheat , you ha...
but he got caught , so you can not cheat on lan ...
Epsilon vs AGO
mousesports vs Liquid
7/9 pistols liquid , yet you can't close it out L M A O Imagine mouz winning more pistols it would have been over already
Space Soldiers vs
Tbh morelz is playing like a casual lvl 10 on faceit... not only this game but almost every single one..