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G2 vs mousesports
Lootbear legit??
then i wouldnt risk adding my credit card on this weird site... trust me its not worth it..
Lootbear legit??
"rent" skins the fuck is that.. when they send you an offer with dragon lore.. what happens if you dont return it ?
Fragsters vs Stifmeister
i have the same feeling.. but they had to do the biggest comeback of their lifes against SINGULARITY.. becuase i bet on them.. then i made ragebet on RR vs Fragsters and they fucking threw it or IDK
Fragsters vs Red Reserve
yes this fucking lucky trash won against singularity by pure luck , and fucked up my 10 comb bet ...
Fragsters vs Red Reserve
im done with this shit OMFG , first singularity and now these cunts.. WTF IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING LUCK
Singularity vs Red Reserve
only if that guy on banana had AK instead of AWP... fuck this shit , rip my 10combo because of singularity choking... im so fucking mad
Singularity vs Red Reserve
duuude they lost 5v4 afterplant on B after they knew that every single CT is coming from CT SPAWN.. holy shiit wtf singularity
forZe vs Kinguin
what about faze?
VenatoreS vs AGO
sry that iam asking , but what amount did you lose?.. im on a losing fucking streak aswell..
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Sprout
I feel ya bro.. i can't believe it aswell.. after major it was a total downfall for me... unbelievable ... 500$ down in the past week
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Sprout
I feel you bro, can't break the losing streak aswell , after major im down like 500$ ... I made bet on ldlc against QBF and LDLC threw inferno so hard , or idk... they won round and the next round th...
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Sprout
I mean yeas , but why is there so many force buy rounds win?.. CZ is so fucking op at close range .. but youare right
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Sprout
WHY the fuck couldnt sprout play like this on train.. It all fucking goes back to losing against pistols.... Please valve fix pistols , they are too fucking OP , at least CZ
Pistols are not op boyz, no worries .. big Kappa