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No it was some german guy saying "r8 me"
just won 375 euros from dota2 XXDDDDD
you might want to cashout fast , they might charge you back.. They are seriously investigating this game.. you can watch the VOD on the russian stream.. But i dont believe it , they are investigatin...
just won 375 euros from dota2 XXDDDDD
dude , this game was canceled because it was a 322 or smth, they are investigating it because someone placed a huge bet on Nemiga , so RIP my 2-0 bet... It was confirmed on stream...
So called locker boy
Having the same jacket doesnt really make you the lockerboy .
sure you do
AGO vs Nexus
Why they couldnt just win on cache aswell.. fk this shit
AGO vs Nexus
RIP 2-0 ago , my last match on slip ... once fucking again so close to 250$ .. but they had to choke 4v2 against eco.. as always, same as north
North vs NiP
Fucking unreal north losing agaist 1400$ buy fuck this gaem
NiP vs OpTic
so what shit happens fucking retards , like you never ever had missed the easiest shot, go fuck yourself
ingame vs Squared
doesnt matter, i went under 2,5 maps.. sadly they had to fuck up inferno or idk what was that from squared..
ingame vs Squared
I hate this fucking team for throwing inferno.. wasn't obvious at all not checking any corners while rushing sites.. unreal..
ingame vs Squared
Dude ofc they might be throwing , there is no way that squared loses 10 rounds against this t10 team... This german team is losing to nonamers like 16-3 16-3 , i mean its pretty obvious i would say......
ingame vs Squared
Now fucking watch squared rekt them on cobble.. mark my fkin words
ingame vs Squared
I wouldnt say that , they are fucking awful... and there's no way squared is losing inferno to them... maybe they made a 2,5+ map bet.. or idk i have no fucking clue
ingame vs Squared
what should i breaK? .. There's no way squared is losing inferno if they are playing normally.. fucking bullshit