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old csgo back <3 although would love to see stronger m4 instead of aug :/
Hyundai i30
Dual monitors
Its so underrated tbh, once you get second monitor you will feel so good, second monitor > expensive ass gaming gear except good mouse, coming back to 1 monitor after that feels so weird its actually ...
Best F O O T B A L L E R in ur country
Bereszynski and Grosicki but not Linetty ? Maybe he suck in national team but he is key sampdoria player
Ye i mean i have 1060 6gb and i play almost every new game and i cant play on ultra with suck always need to lower graphic a bit, and when i check fps comparison with 2060, 2060 looks so solid 0 probl...
Well its true, people still recommend 1060 when 2060 is almost 2 times better and only a bit more expensive.
Rtx 2060 best price/performance right now
Best series music intro ?
Got and Black sails
Got vs lotr
10h vs like 90h doesn't make sense to compare them , GoT could be much better as a movie with a lot of action and stuff, and Lotr could be much worse as a tv series who knows
mods are useless
Lmao learn to mod then i have 255 mods installed atm except rare random crashes everything works perfectly
Netflix Advice
Depends overall i would say its good i had some problems at beginning first episodes were kinda boring but i really like it
Last film you watched
in cinema: Glass - disappointed as fuck in home: Polar - it's ok
METRO Exodus
how? steam were farming money from game developers for years now finally epic have better offer for them.
stress on LANs, online games with 700+ viewers
Its normal i remember when izakooo was casting my match with 15k viewers, damn i was so stressed. It will disappear with time.
METRO Exodus
Good valve lazy fucks finally some competition for them