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Intel vs AMD
from i5 3570 to Ryzen 7 1700 i know, it's been a while, but i was intel fanboy before and i did some research before pc upgrade and decided to go with AMD.
Intel vs AMD
moved from intel to amd and i'm happy, that's all i can say and it's way cheaper.
15-0 half’s but no 16-0 ohh someone already post it
Project A "Cs Killer"
lol no, for me its way more cs than overwatch, same shooting mechanics like in cs (no zoom), tbh all depends on game mode did they said anything about it? rounds like in cs or some shitty game modes l...
Riot games vs volvo
So hyped about lol shooter, looks really cool csgo shooting mechanics + some skills
wtf it's obvious, salaries, viewiers, prizepool...etc
Which is the best game you've ever played?
Witcher 3 and maybe cod4- mw series (story) , new Assassins Creed games are also so fcking good but not as good as Witcher 3 obviously.
Poland'll be in ruin.
That's bullshit no matter who I've asked in Wielkopolska everyone was against Piss, still waiting to meet first person that will vote for piss And somehow that will win again. vs Movistar Riders
VP really need to avoid shitty tournaments otherwise hate will never end
battlefield V or battlefront 2
ye, wtf it supposed to be just buy not way nvm
battlefield V or battlefront 2
wtf just way origin access and you have both, otherwise not worth.
Worst immigrants in your country
They are not allowed here, blocked by government, they only good thing from shitty government.
Worst immigrants in your country
2 millions ukrainians here
Worst immigrants in your country
Idk only asians and ukrainians in poland
truth about kio?
Dude kio is probably toxic/lazy or something there must be a reason why he is always kicked from teams