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Kinguin vs Red Reserve
You can't win if your awper misses billion of clean easy shots. GG RR, they have a good chance vs NiP
BitSkins is trustable?
Used it twice or thrice without any problems
Tbh both goals were own goals, the second one even more own than first one lol. What a shitshow. Sad
Most Crybaby Country In The World
Maybe not top1, but we are surely high in the ranking
AGO vs mousesports
If mouz gonna win thanks to this round... then oskar's ding dong is gonna be sucked tonight again I guess.
AGO vs mousesports
Just because of first half. If you look at 2nd only it's only snatchie who is at positive I believe, while whole mouz around k/d 1 or above
WW3 game
definitely agree
WW3 game
Nothing specific yet I think. But at 00:17 you can see Polish, German and Ukrainian soldiers preparing equipment together. I just hope it wont be just some kind of bad Russia vs world bullshit and tha...
WW3 game
Most likely there gonna be more. War w/o Murica? That's not a war
WW3 game
but they can watch trailer
WW3 game
New battlefield-like FPS about WW3 is coming and there is no lootboxes nor girl with prothesis LUL
AGO vs NiP
I mean, GTR is surely not playing good, but you have to say he is also unlucky af today. Somehow all the sickest AGO's shots are on him lol
AGO vs NiP
sure :D especially that 3rd kill
AGO vs NiP
damn, if not that last kill it would be super clean 5 hs ace
Eurovision 2018 Official Thread
Since i had nothing to do today I decided to watch this thingy and after first ~15 songs i was actually surprised that most of them were at least 'okay' and some were pretty good. So i thought that ma...