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ROG ceh9 vs ROG IzakOOO
iLULBALANCE found out that the game ain't that easy when the walls actually exist <3
Why NaVi doesn't play cache? We all know that cache is Chernobyl and s1mple was born in Chernobyl - it gave his superpower in cs. So basically if NaVi play cache s1mple will be able to win 1v5 spinbot...
djakuyu vs Team1
Upper bracket advantage
Signify vs Bravado
Signify vs Bravado
So now even India is better than Polish scene, holy cow we ded
AGO vs Windigo
That last round was absolutely pathetic
Create a team $$
4x s1mple please. No funds for fifth, so I will play Still ez #1 world
Are there witches in Boston? I guess I gotta visit USA next vacation yaaaay
Witch Major best major
Nemiga vs x6tence Galaxy
Every. Fucking. Time.
Valiance vs Vexed
Because this league organizers put all their resources to invent the most retarded format of a tournament and finally came up with double bo2
Run N Gun vs ShotCallers
inb4 Qatar paid Astralis 12938123912 million of dollars and they will play here incognito
compLexity vs TeamOne
"History" - "now" Maybe take some London classes ruski boy, so people on the internet could understand you properly. Btw. you, ruski hoes, are the last people on the planet to teach me anything about ...
compLexity vs TeamOne
This should be already 2-0 for T1 :(
compLexity vs TeamOne
Most of the teams do forcebuy in 2nd on inferno cuz there are a lot of chokepoints where you can easily surprise Ts with pistols. So success probablility is relatively higher than on other maps