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Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
You only get to see this kind of tilt when NaVi is playing, it's way too funny.
Platinium vs GameAgents
Because back before volgare and E-frag weren't really known, they pretty much played those little balkan leagues (so basically hungary, romania, croatia, serbia, bulgaria etc.) and most of the finals ...
BX3 vs AliGon
He is a hungarian by ethnicity with swedish citizenship. He probably migrated at some point so he knows hungarian from when he lived there and he learned swedish. It usually depends on the player t...
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
It's not whether you throw for 5$, 50$ or 50000$, it's about the fact that you threw. Integrity is never about the money itself, but the principle. The only part money has played here was it being use...
Ex6TenZ 5800 hrs
Not really. HR are kinda special because most of them leave their game running all the time, especially when bootcamping. Before Cologne 2014 they all had like 320 hours played in last 2 weeks.
F3 beats nV in a BO3 'clearly F3 is just lucky, nV didn't play their best' LG beats nV in a BO3 'new LG are gods, top5 inc'
Thorin pissing off feminists
yes, another pansy is exactly what we need
Luminosity Overrated?
Cloud9 2.0
KoN Finland vs KoN Denmark
These are literally made just for the fun of it. Mixed teams having silly buys at times, opening cases during the match, casters that have no idea about either the game or the teams that play it and B...
KoN Sweden vs KoN Denmark
You don't need a hint, he's pretty [ITALIC]open[/ITALIC] about it.
Chiefs vs Exile5
Probably no admins to draft items, not the first time.
Chiefs throwers
http://puu.sh/kOsHM/2efc246630.jpg Skins gonna taste even better with so much salt on them
Chiefs vs Exile5
ikr I had 550 return when I placed my bet :(
HellRaisers vs PENTA
ESL Esea, so he can't play until his ban expires.
Chiefs vs Exile5
dizzy not playing obv