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Washing hands after toilett ?
last thing i’m going to do is touch some bar of soap sitting in a public bathroom
TheSingerWhoHasNeverSung = Jovik 100% proofs
nt prockdass
lmao you don’t know anything about ganja or CBD kiddo
Are girls interested in u??
rob slobbed on bobs cob
serious irl problem no kappa
I mean if you own it or somit yeah sell that puppy while you can
serious irl problem no kappa
damn dude you might be screwed rip living conditions
AIM inconsistencies help!!
happens to me too. days I can flick and turn my sensitivity up a hair, other times I feel like my brain is on slow mode and I just blow absolute donkey dickies. I imagine it happens even to pros... ...
serious irl problem no kappa
put it in a plastic container with soil and grass. and poke very fine holes in it edit: nvm thought you said NEST not Net. swap the screens with a neighbor
AIM inconsistencies help!!
can’t win em all man
k1ck fox
kicked from pro league in general
steam market
less players now haha
serious irl problem no kappa
lighter and airisol can
kiss a girl after BJ
smells like chlorine from an over shocked pool.
sleeping naked?
i feel like the ear plugs and complete silence would drive me insane, like being in a padded room xD. i already sleep with a night guard in, last thing i want is more plugs in my orifice
Washing hands after toilett ?
i use my shirt or sleeve for public to gain access to toilet, and leaving i use the paper towels. so i don’t touch anything other than my willy. always have some sort of hand sanitizer also. i’m germa...