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Your salary?
100-200 euro/ day on average. Trading forex on my own with leverage.
Inherited €500k, what do?
Make no mistake bro i wanted to be pro csgo player aswell, but i think you really need very supportive and understanding parents to make it happen or you should come from rich background when you can ...
Inherited €500k, what do?
Thanks bro i wish you the best aswell. Remeber to do what you really like in life and dont listen to nobody. They dont live your life and they dont see your greatness,
Inherited €500k, what do?
Yes, sometimes i wake up 2am, 3am, 4am... sometimes i stay up 30h in row... but that is what you need to do if you want to be succesful. I love to trade and when you love something that much as i love...
Inherited €500k, what do?
And keep in can know each and every thing and you still could not be able to make money because its trading... its supposed to be hard, and not everyone can do it. The bigge...
Inherited €500k, what do?
Well better watch hes videos and i mean not 1 or 2 times, i watched all these videos like 5x. I read all hes books, i took notes on each and every thing...But more than anything i think you need to tr...
Inherited €500k, what do?
i trade major pairs only (also known as g10 pairs). From them eur/usd is my favourite, but also usd/cad, usd/jpy, eur/gbp are one of my favourites. I was in college for 3 years, but just a month ago i...
Inherited €500k, what do?
3 years
Inherited €500k, what do?
Invest into me and I will trade forex with it. You yield % from it each month.
Rooting for Zeus
1 game and Zeus will have made the best team in CSGO for a moment.
Immortals vs
New best CSGO team in the world will be crowned tomorrow.
Gambit vs fnatic
gambit needs -dosia -mou +markeloff awp +seized/eletronic
-mou - dosia +seized/eletronic +markeloff awp
Down To Frag vs Guerrilla Tactics
They are only down to frag... better be down to fak.