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[18+] penis size poll
12-14, in the end the average penis ranges around 14cm +-3cm. People with 18+ cm are top 5th percentile for penis size. It's a fact of life that some people have smaller or larger dicks. If you're sma...
200kg deadlift?
200kg is good, but can you clean and jerk 220 like my man Clarence kennedy?
country w nicest girls
Link them
tier 1 music???
Power Metal Sabaton, Dragonforce, Rhapsody, Stratovarius
Does god exist?
Satan represents free will. God represents order and following the rules. They are both important to humanity. Done.
Based Highschoolers
Girl posting the tweets is a jew; she goes to tarbut v' torah. Honestly makes sense why she's mad, but that is no reason to dox these other kids though. It's a joke, by dumb kids who'll regret doing ...
never vaccinated?
vaccines build immunity by having your body interact with weakened or dead pathogen, which allows your memory b-cells (form of white blood cells) to create antibodies (things that kill disease) agains...
Bench press
75kg at 72kg. worked out for 5 months back then; I haven't tested it since.
Tell me a joke
Pullups progress
My back doesn't look as good as yours, but I can do 12 pull ups and 13 chin ups. I think I'm just unluko for back genetics lmao. 75kg btw
Why physics is so hard?
But before that, you have to figure out what the question is asking you. That's the hardest part.
In between a 1070ti and 1080
Which religion do you support? (No hate please)
The worst feeling
It feels even worse because if it's your best friend you don't want to get mad at him, but your emotions toward the girl conflicts with that. The best way to get over a girl imo is just imagine her t...
[+18] R8 Girl
I've been baited. God help me