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Astralis fans
It actually makes it even more fun tbh. Teams now will raise their bar up and there is always that achievement of sorts which a team can get by defeating astralis. It was the same during the fnatic er...
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
im not talking about the twitch chat, im pointing out that in these situations they use the radar and not the nvidia settings people claim them to be using. niko lowkey did it too. (im not saying they...
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
for all the people who call out them for *nvidia* bugs. you can clearly see xyp looking at the radar. everybody is given this feature and yet people cry
C9 in final
if c9 lose navi is in the final because of h2h
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
He means that t1 will purposely lose 2:0 as OGC will forfeit anyway
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Yep n0thing just confirmed that if they win they will forfeit the win to t1 anyways. All this hype for nothing :(
Vitality vs AGO
so immediately after this match they play again in minor quals? unluko
I guess you're new here
The worst part of HLTV community
this. indeed the most toxic fanbase but cant do anything when majority of them havent hit puberty yet
update prediction?
Liquid vs BIG
Liquid vs BIG
Vitality vs GUNRUNNERS
Vitality finally made it
3DMAX vs Vitality
Hes a troll. 3d bans cache, then somehow picks it, and in the end its left over ok. And btw both teams will ban 3 maps each because its a bo1
3DMAX vs Vitality
Battle of the two upcoming french teams. Btw i would like to thank myself for #1
Kinguin vs 5POWER
I would like to thank myself