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Sprout vs Vitality
Well in that case i think vitality will forfiet the match. Highly doubt the entire schedule would change for them
Sprout vs Vitality
And why is that?
ZyWoo Debunk
lmao this has to be the funniest thing i have read today
ENCE vs Vitality
Goodbye ENCE. Their map pool is countered by that of vit 2-1 vit
Vitality vs Liquid
Astralis vs Vitality
If G2 win...
i mean why not
maps' preference
Love: Cache, Overpass Okay: Mirage, Inferno, Vertigo Dislike: Train, Nuke Hate: Dust2, Cobblestone
bye vitality
what? you are acting like they should win every single match they play, ofcourse they will lose some. On top of this they played on mirage which is one of their worse maps + it is online.
bye vitality
lmao, plastic fan much
Mobile app wtf
yeah got this bug too, just go to chrome and add hltv to home screen, works the same
[difficult] actual 200iq quiz
The Eye-Tracker is not made in China. FALSE The delivery of Tailor comes last. TRUE The microcontroller will be delivered in July. TRUE GNB does not produce in Germany. FALSE Samson produces regul...
fnatic vs North
yeah North does indeed have a better history on Inferno. We would mostly see Overpass as fnatic are looking good on Nuke beating both Vitality and NRG on it so i doubt North will try to challenge them...
Renegades vs NiP
1. Renegades removed Overpass 2. NiP removed Inferno 3. Renegades picked Mirage 4. NiP picked Nuke 5. Renegades removed Dust2 6. NiP removed Cache 7. Train was left over Both teams should win their ma...
fnatic vs North
1. fnatic removed Train 2. North removed Cache 4. fnatic picked Mirage 3. North picked Dust2 5. fnatic removed Inferno 6. North removed Nuke 7. Overpass was left over Could go either way. Thoughts?
Spirit vs Vitality
Damn Vitality got the luckiest draw in the 2-1 matches