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Pick'Em score
nrg was basically easy 3-0 spirit was easy 0-3 thought fnatic would be 3-1 but they went 1-3..
im not here to argue whether people get soda or not. i said that the big mac meal is 1k+ calories, in other words mcdonalds fully expects a person to buy a meal that is 1000 calories despite it being ...
the big mac meal includes soda, which would make it over 1k calories
no i said they dont train for 8 hours a day. not all of those 8.8 hours of playing cs is for bootcamp, aka its not all mandatory. the reason i specifically mentioned training is that pros often bootca...
considering a big mac meal is 1000+ calories...
you can still workout even if you do have a job. it just might be mentally tolling to do so after a long day of work but its not like pro players train for over 8 hours a day
oh you're right, the new format means teams arent invited to the minors anymore
they're automatically in the minor but they have to qualify for the challengers stage again
the guy was tilted round 5. what can you do?
tyloo 2-3
same with vici too. feels bad
worst team logo
valiance looks like someone drew it in paint in a minute old ldlc logo gambit old g2 logo x6tence galaxy at least add an outline to define the shape better
Your Political Leaning (Strawpoll)
typically younger people are more liberal and older people are more conservative
be honest with us
in cs, never wanted to use cheats because this is the one game i still play with my friends and because i grinded my way up for 5 years. i actually despise cheaters in multiplayer games in general bec...
Just bought iPhone 7 Plus
is it fun to bait
Anime with OP MC / 2nd MC
wouldnt really recommend death march and esp not how to not summon a demon lord. the other three are fine/good, but in order of what i think is good: i might be a bit off since i havent watched these...