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ah yeah i completely forgot about that
theories on reckful's death (18+)
banned by who and wtf is this question?
probably saying that to put pressure on barca board because he did say that he wont leave as long as theres a winning project. also if he does leave he might go to city
Which anime do I watch?
tbh thats the advice i got when i got into one piece so since i thought water 7 was okay at best i dropped it immediately
Which anime do I watch?
honestly if you have time, some of them are pretty enjoyable, but the fillers are completely irrelevant to the story and may create plot inconsistencies so you have to keep that in mind. if you want t...
Which anime do I watch?
not sure what episode it is exactly but basically the "pain arc" is the peak of naruto and ends a bit before 200. author lost his vision of what the story was actually about and it turned to shit. i m...
Which anime do I watch?
funny you mention one piece because its like 2x longer than naruto and its still on-going. of the 5, hxh then death note since they are pretty different. you can choose your direction afterwards also...
ugly girls
because they need something besides their looks to be appealing so they work on their technique
CR7 or Messi?
talking about pele is like talking about get right in 2012-13
MM --> 128 tick soon?
pretty sure hes just saying that he is suspicious valve will release a huge update once valorant officially comes out and becomes a direct competitor
s1mple malding on twitter
here's the entire conversation: the guys just acting like a piece of shit
s1mple malding on twitter
guys being sarcastic. called him a non-impact player in an earlier tweet
Your favorite pc games?
in no particular order: csgo mhw civ 5 stardew valley isaac rebirth
open world games
oh of course, because its extremely obvious you played all these when you only mentioned ac, fc, and watch dogs and i have no clue who you are on the internet keep that attitude and see where it gets...