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550€ SETUP
i3 7100 $120 MSI B250M Pro-VD $65 G SKILL RIPJAWS V DDR4-3000 16GB $100 Seasonic S12-II 430W $50 PC case, doesn't matter $50 GTX 1050 TI $150 Seagate 1TB ST1000DM010 $50 Crucial MX300 M.2 275G...
noKappa vs Gambit
Gambit Lineup: Dosia Mini Dosia AdreN Mini AdreN Dosia+AdreN HYBRID MUTANT
if your knife is below $500 , just list it on steam market and cancel the trade. the ID of your item will change and you can relist it on opskins after 5 minutes.
S6 or Iphone 6
nexus 5 , $400 available next month. or if you can't wait, oneplus2
Liinux - The OS of Future
been running arch linux for years, never looked back. windows 10 is spyware, don't ever use this if you have something to hide. and we all do. i still run windows in a sandbox environment, but no w...
Shorten 16-12 Rounds
only problem is overtime... MR6/MR10 16k used to fit well, but the game has changed and nowadays it's just redundant.
ACE vs
battle of the cheaters.. vEz vs. agM This game is probably fixed anyway, just SKIP this!
just remove russian servers from your HOSTS .. vs Rize
godvidjo spray through smoke at banana, dat HS ...
Titan vs mousesports
after a player from mouz dropped: "who are we missing here? uhh,lets see.. chrisJ, troubley *now silently* LEGIJA, zonixx ummmmmm, ohhh. it's gob! gob b is missing" LOL, THAT WAS EPIC !
Meg vs Vladyslava
FPS drops
buy new PC , your setup is too old. CSGO is a CPU intensive game, upgrading video card will not help much. I recommend a setup consisting of an i5-4690K (CPU), Z97 (motherboard), GTX 750Ti (video ...
Good headset?
ModMic is awesome. But only if you have a decent mic output. Realtek onboard lan is just horrible with this mic. HD558 is cool, but I prefer the AKG Q700 for both gaming and music. unless you get l...
How the fuck do people make rank by solo queuing...
csgo was 75% off (summer), and 50% off (black friday, xmas). so, lots of smurfs out there. and lots of 'carry smurfs' to boost them. your best bet is playing with higher ranks, on maps such as d...
orbit sucks
"pauf is low, everyone else in Orbit is even lover." maybe he's your mom's lover , you degenerate fuÇk