I am a highly intelligent user. Known mostly for my undefeated streak in arguments ever since I signed up in this site. You may question my ability to argue but I will prove it to you by giving you a distinct hint in terms of the art of arguing: Always choose the correct opinion. Idiots will claim that all opinions matter and that there are no right or wrong opinions. They are absolutely wrong, there is always one opinion that is right and the rest are utter trash. If you support the correct opinion, congratulations you are a logical human being with a brain capability of more than 100 IQ. I may come out as a totalitarian in terms of free speech, and that is correct, if your opinion is trash I will hunt you down and make you beg for mercy, you impudent roach.

Also an atheist:

Remind yourself that I mostly argue because it gives me joy to destroy inferior individuals, it enhances my self-confidence, rarely will I join an argument of something I truly care about.

If you are one of the many people that got annihilated in an argument with me, please do us all and yourself a favor and delete your account for the humiliation must be immense.
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No shit?
Every tier1 tournament reaches 350k viewers in the playoffs. Stfu if you don't know shit. Also, this is a trash bait don't believe you actually baited me.
Wtf, CS is top3 in twitch.. Behind Fortnite and LoL.. OW is actually fucking dead if you haven't noticed..
1) Shitty copy paste bait 2) Use fucking fullstops and commas please. 3) Fun != Funny
Low iq europeans come here
Wow, that's some edgy totalitarian shit. Love it. Fucking cleanse the plebs, the machines can do their jobs much better.
is reddit dumb or isit just the american userbase?
1/3 is still very big considering NA is barely 20% of the community (this is abit of an outdated 2015 statistic but I'll assume that the numbers haven't been altered much). Reddit in general doesn't ...
To be fair, superhero movies have come a long way considering the epic drama of Logan, the Brechtian Satyre of Deadpool and the top class comedy of Thor 3.
is reddit dumb or isit just the american userbase?
Balanced in terms of what? 50/50 EU NA? 70/30 EU NA? 70 EU 30 others?
C9 fans from EU come here
They are Seljuk Turks xd
europeans come here
Top Racist and Top Tolerant Countries
China has so many Asian people! So progressive! #diversity !!!
Champions league draw tomorrow
Well he didn't say equals so...
actual smart people come here
That's still inaccurate by an infinite amount of digits.
is reddit dumb or isit just the american userbase?
My mere existence.