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xantares wtf?
You get better control for small movements (like spray) but still have range due to speed so 180 is easy. It's not a bad idea to use accel, quake players do, but it's hard to master and a bitch to con...
FPL admins delusional cunts
we already have FPL xd
R8 my girlfriend (18+) you and your gf
yo'ure gaming mouse?
G403, Alcor, EC1A, EC1B are similar in shape. I'm using DM1 Pro S, cheap and good mouse.
My friends are fucking losers
If you need a loser to carry you through anything what that makes you?
Why Reddit is cancer
There are groups on reddit, right? So whenever I look for something technical or specific sometimes google links me to reddit posts. These posts are SO RARELY USEFUL that it's not even funny. Like peo...
ant1ka is so hot
she looks like shroud on this photo
My life is kinda sad
Save some money, buy cheapest kindle and start reading as many books as you can (you can pirate the books if you don't have much cash). Also hit the gym or if you can't then do any kind of physical tr...
Well I assumed that you aren't. That's why you have double standards. I mean - girl might not really want to blow you, because she is drunk and her judgement is far worse. We all get it. But when it...
Why you find this weird. Look at this community. In every match someone will call you gay, retard, fuck your mom, dad, sister, cat, your fucking cactus, call you n-gr, toilet cleaner, cheater, shit, d...
Girl says "yes" when she's drunk = still means NO Guy says "n-word" whe he's drunk = totally legit, he means it, should be burned alive No double standards at all, eh?
Low Sens
Bigger mousepad is the answer, I use 450x400mm. Then some training but DM with rapid spawns will always make you crazy with low sens so just chill. CS is a specific game, better movement won't always ...
Sadokist and the blacks
He was drunk and mad, give him a break wtf.
play more, watch matches of top players. don't focus on aim during the game, always focus on outsmarting the other players, make their life difficult. this game is about refusing to do what your enemy...
change sensitivity
I was the type that change sens during game depending on enemy style. It took me A LOT of time to actually find settings I frag the best with. During the years I used (400dpi) : 1.0 (limits abilitie...