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Your plans for tommorow?
idk, keep trying to cope with my heartbreak I guess?
I want to move
But that's not for permanent stay.. once you're done studying you'll be removed from the country I'm afraid. But yes, I guess it might be a decent way (or the only way for him) to actually get there ...
I want to move
"just move" lol, even if u have money it would be difficult. He'd either have to marry someone or get a job that will take care of his work visa and stuff (which is really hard without a proper educat...
Free 20 euro game
ignorant, that's money for like a whole week of home cooked meals. You'd rather spend it on a game? nice b8
Best eu chocolate?
he's in the US
Girlfriend xD
She's a complete slut, deal with it.
English :)
[+18] New Year's Resolution?
Yes being tall and skinny rly sucks.. just gotta work hard and eat a lot :D
I was in India...
Did u eat off the floor? Also, were the beds hard as rock like they were for me whenever I didn't stay at hotel? Did you get stopped by military/police a lot while travelling the roads? My experience...
[+18] New Year's Resolution?
Get a proper full-time job and also start exercising regularly as being skinny isn't fun. Then towards the end of the year hopefully own a new car, appear more muscular and not have to worry about ren...
Coca Cola or Pepsi?
I was addicted to soda as a teenager and my teeth has suffered for it, now I only drink these: Carbonated water, regular water, milk and occasionally when going out for pizza I'll grab a coke zero or ...
iPhone or Android
iOS is legit the worst shit ever made and is only used for it's popularity. Everything on Android is just much better in terms of customizability, self-repair and value.
A good way to not be depressed.
impossible.. female body that is depicted on the internet everywhere u look is too beautiful.
Visiting India
Well, prepare for bad smells/air and the non-existent hygiene. Don't be surprised when u see a dude just randomly sitting down for a shit on the sidewalk and don't even wipe after.. Also, lots of rabi...