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Fake countries
+1 can confirm kosovo is serbia
asking a girl out
are you fucking retarded? don't overthink stuff.... if you like her ask her out for a coffee/drink don't be a fucking weirdo. If she likes you she is going to agree if she don't she'll say no and you ...
Niko > Karrigan
normal lever -23 hahahahahaha this just tells you how shit he trully is
Your favourite drink?
non alchoholic: probablly something like orange juice, coffee alocholic: hmm tequila or coctails
Did you ever think?
probablly like noone since most of them are kids
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
honestly I think it's gonna rock. I love metroidvania elements, combat seems good, platforming seems decent I hope story is any good. looks fun anyways
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
I would probablly dump her.. if she cheats on you after only few months when love is still very fresh there is something wrong with her or with relationship. Iif you are together for like 5+ years I w...
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
depends how long you have been together and everything
got a new car =)
I'm just making some numbers up but yeah you get what I'm trying to say.. good mercedes is much more expensive than good audi/bmw
got a new car =)
that's stupid.. audi is a middle class car while for a good mercedes you need like 20k €
r8 me
Football goat team
men I remember Kahn doing so many stupid mistakes. When it comes to buffon.. I think he was overall good but he always had monster defense infront of him and even he did some silly mistakes for me onl...
Football goat team
I don't see why not casillas in his prime he was a fucking god. I can see a case for ramos. He is part of the team that won champions league 4 times, WC, EC he basiclly won everything
issaa? when there is players like kioshima, k0nfig, kjaerbye, felps, bolts, jkaem available.. kioshima- more than 1 source says he is toxic, also he didn't play high tier cs for a while except stand...
final worth watching