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he is igl
Respect Nitr0
I think he is a great IGL as well. Look at the ct setups vs Astralis on inferno. Look at the t side vs Astralis on Vertigo. He really has matured in this role. Respect mens)))
Astralis boring?
Bro if it is boring it is boring. No one wants to be bored on purpose. It's just freaking boring. We admit the were the best in history but it is ultra boring to watch their matches. Imperfect cs is t...
NiP Plopski?
Why not - freaking GtR. Tell me why do they need him ?????
40 damage max on every duel he takes
losing to scream and ex6 in 2019
BOT now also trolling the fans. I dont respect him anymore. Choosing more money by playing shit and jeopardizing his team's chances of actually being good and hurting the fans. This is a pure display ...
So NiP not making changes?
U keep saying that GTR sells a lot but I dont see anyone repping GTR merch these days cause he is sooo bad its not worth it.
So NiP not making changes?
Hahahahahaha why did u steal my comment??
So NiP not making changes?
Idk. To me GTR is worse. Now that he is also IGL=dogshit
So NiP not making changes?
Either get a good igl to fix their horrendeous t sides or get a good awper to fix their equally horrendeous ct sides.
Denis awp
I thought it was so easy they mustbe trolling by giving him the awp. Then I realised he is their main awper.
Astralis is still top 1
f0rest Rez Krimz Flusha Olof
Make a roster
f0rest Rez Krimz Flusha Olof
Fans NiP gave up
why replace rez?