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esea so bad
I don't know why you cry about hitreg.. 128ticks is the same for all servers.. i have been playing a couple of weeks and the servers are not laggy they have no drops and run smothly so.. idk maybe you...
Pro mice grip
There are 3 different types of grips... not every pro use claw grip.. personally i use palm grip its more confortable for me, I have always played like that and I will always do
Shroud is not playing his position.. shroud used to be the star of the team, waiting for freak and so on to do the entry and reking everyone after him, now he is entryfragger and obviously is not his ...
i hate FALLEN
I tried to meet him in Cologne 2016 finals after the final game.. he was doing some interviews and so on with the media hltv and so on.. we were like 10 ppl waiting for almost like 1 hour every member...
Yeah twitch is broken completely xD
Former LG Players Sponsered By Wild
seems like you are the tard here bruh
Olof + f0rest vs shox & kennyS
Its been like that for a while, thats why they never teamed up after a long time, thats why KennyS didnt go to the lan with FRANCE
Olof + f0rest vs shox & kennyS
It wqill never happen cause KennyS and Shox hate each other xD
x6tence vs Atlantis
cause they are not even tier 3 xD
Cloud9 LAST MEMEBER !!!!!!
might be cool.. but they still have the differences from the past..
Bye sgares
my goddd... whatever not even coach? damn
Best mouse for CS
I use 10$ mouse and I'm global lol..
swag looks so happy
Actually he didnt win as much as steel and dazed since they were the brains behind, dazed the master mind behind the scam, who wanted his the team of his Business to qualify so he can get the moneyz.....
VALVE!! Keep swag & co
#Freesteel #Freeswag
Not like I care, wasn't talking to you anyways ^^