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Rise Of Skywalker Opinions
why didn't resistance just take over 1 final order's starships and use their planet destroyer gun on Exegol, game over
WW2 (Countries that Switched Sides)
exactly, and Finland had no other choice than to co-op with axis
[21+] "i miss you" sex
you either think too much of yourself or you used to date a whore
Skinlordz vs EVILNINE
so EZ for lenz and the boys..................why even bother to play the final...
EVILNINE vs godz
evilnine all in, so easy for my estonian brothas, markus will drop +30 frags each map
JYP vs Metamorphic
ez4 Jyväskylän Palloilijat (JYP) an ice hockey team playing in the Finnish top division Liiga. They play in Jyväskylä, Finland
vp non disband solution?
hard to tell, cuz can't know what's going on behind the scenes, but they need to find something positive, something new to their game. i think they should try to come up with some new tactics, once th...
Vega Squadron Unsportsmanlike behaviour
maybe this will teach those kids some manners. gj vega
DenDD vs
ez for cs veteran twista
too bad immigration is already gone too far... now we have to pay the heavy price
f0rest leaves?
if what you are saying is true, he's probably just joking around because all of these forest leaves threads.
CS:GO CLIP - ROCK3T @720p60
you can easily see the frags, so i wouldn't call it heavy edit, just enough edit for my taste
€500 Cash Cup Tonight
GODSENT vs Desperados
lets fucking go desperados