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I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
recently turned 20, but pretty much
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
All i need is your: hours in cs:go 5700 favourite cs:go player styko your cs:go rank/face it lvl 10 your favourite movie Lion king (old one)
" Im impressed that you know english when slovak language doing problems to you." XD
Monthly subscriptions you have?
Spotify gym if that counts
spotify premium
+1 lol, there's not a single day in my life that I don't use spotify either on pc or while traveling, highest value ever
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTLQhPFx2nM Die for you- The Weeknd
Danish People
der die das lmao
EG "American" team
hyping is ok, yelling at enemies while losing 2 9 is not
EG "American" team
yelling at enemies after winning a round etc, hate that attitude from my personal experience
EG "American" team
finally someone to take Astralis down Wish tarik wasn't such a monkey though lol
metin2 goat game?
scamming simulator
blameF 70k$ salary
source my ass
I Asked a girl out (outcome)
Type her via messenger if you don't have the balls to ask her in person if she has an interest to go out with you, make it straight yes/no question, based on that you can follow up rest is me doing t...
I Asked a girl out (outcome)
Holy fuck, just straight up ask if she WANTS to go out with you or not, saves so much shit for you Been through that, wish I could block the person that I type with to this day after 4 month rejectio...
MATHS how to get good at it?
I have the exact same problem with that shit, the only subject that I really worry about transfering to next year