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I Have been banned for (7) Times.
Walking Dickhead of HLTV
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Thats my motto and fuck you.

Im also Putin fanboy btw
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where is jayzwalking?
Url or bullshit
Free $5000
Free $5000
the one who believes this should hang himself
I am Slovak AMA
I can smell the arrogance of kangaroo fucker, but I can't do anything about your internet
styko Xd
cya at major
40 Germany 45 Netherlands 50 France 55-60 UK 70 Sweden
I am Slovak AMA
sure buddy, ugliest city I have ever been to tbh, there is nothing in Kosice
I am Slovak AMA
non existent, everybody is possible customer so drug dealers don't risk harming anybody Stare Mesto (Front side with castle) is basically safe 24/7, however Southern parts are somehow different as we...
I am Slovak AMA
How does it feel to live in past? Nobody gives a fuck about history if your GDP is halved of ours pls and also take your working immigrants back, we don't want them here
I am Slovak AMA
Generally middle of the country I would say, as guy above mentioned these cities are pretty much worth visiting if you are passing by Košice are garbage tbh, ugly city without anything great
I am Slovak AMA
Bratislava=Western cities except it is not that developed yet, not many skycrapers but as long as you have masters degree and work in IT/Economy it is great place to live in Otherwise it sucks, basic...
I am Slovak AMA
maybe there is more to see, I just hope he is not gonna waste his money to slovak leeches
I am Slovak AMA
except there is nothing that wouldn't be better in any other country for half prices and double quality standards
I am Slovak AMA
I hope I didn't offend your dumb czech brain