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I Have been banned for (7) Times.
Walking Dickhead of HLTV
Always hating everybody
Never supports anybody
Thats my motto and fuck you.

Im also Putin fanboy btw
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Just got fiber AMA
Faceit elo?
NiP = VP
4k$ on FaZe
https://ctrlv.cz/g02b 70€ but still hurts :-( If i would follow my heart, ez cash
BET 100€ ON FAZE 3-0
are you mentally disabled or not able to read properly? NiP ARE MUCH BETTER ON NUKE THAN FAZE, SO FAZE HAD TO BAN IT NiP ARE MUCH BETTER ON COBBLE ASWELL, SO IT HAD TO BE 1-0
BET 100€ ON FAZE 3-0
They can't play Nuke against NiP, so you have 1 lose automatically I actually bet on NiP to win 1st map and Faze to win whole thing
BET 100€ ON FAZE 3-0
wtf are these garbage odds btw you are braindead when you know Faze cant play cbble and Nuke (vs NiP)
C9 wasted spot
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2311218/envyus-vs-cloud9-esl-pro-league-season-5-finals Whats your point?
Singularity vs SuperJymy
Not mine, just saying they are overall better team than Singularity
No chance in bo5
Faze cache? you mean aim_redline? Ez for NiP
Singularity vs SuperJymy
Decider match Superjymy is favourite tbh, Singularity is garbage
NiP vs FaZe
NiP inhuman form 3-2 win NiP casual form lose 1-3
NiP vs FaZe
If you have watched their match with C9 it wasn't that easy as score looks, Faze won ALL 1v1&2v2 situations they had, imo they would still win but not as smoothly as this Plus they won pistols almost...
NiP vs FaZe
NiP bans mirage Faze bans Cobblestone NiP Picks nuke Faze picks Inferno NiP picks Train Faze picks overpass Cache was left over If NiP wants to win this series, they need to start winning their pist...
Well to close this conversation, he said he doesn't know where strasbourg is, so I said Stuttgart is closest city to it
I guess I will just have to get money for new computer, makes no sense to me atm upgrade anything on this garbage setup anyway, thanks for recommendation, I will check it out