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Clown9 explain
There was nobody else that they could get, all other good players were already on a team and didn't have a reason to leave and join cloud9 as they were rebuilding.
what word do you hate
All those new words that people on the internet use/make up: cuck, incel, libtard, weeb etc etc.
Everytime a team is upset
Bro, you're not supposed to care about those kinds of threads. Just ignore them, they mean nothing.
CoL juggernaut
Of course it's possible that they tried to sign him and failed (maybe he didn't believe in complexity just like me) but I still think that it was nothing but a rumour.
CoL juggernaut
Any proof of that?
CoL juggernaut
I still laugh when I think about the people on this site that actually thought that Complexity would buy out everyone just because Jason Lake wrote ''lets build a juggernaught'' on twitter. People act...
cloud9 project
I understand you but I also think it's too early to say that it is a failure.
You should probably have a look at the stats from cloud9 latest matches but make sure you sit down first, you might get a small chock.
compLexity & Cloud9
He used to play a lot in NA-fpl, I'm not sure how much he plays there nowdays though. I would say he's alright with english but he probably prefers a team that speaks portuguese.
How good were IBP
They were good but obviously the team fell apart before they could really show their full potential. Nowadays a lot of people are angry with the players from that team and say that they were/are shit ...
Your favorite eSports moments of all time?
Devours clutch vs New York 3D (counter-strike:source)
Vitality coach???
Hahahaha, that's a good one, man.
your dream map pool?
Inferno Overpass Cache Santorini Cobble Tuscan Season
verbal abuse faceit
This is the dumbest thing I've seen in my life.
Which is the best game you've ever played?
Probably GTA San Andreas.