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Is some music objectively better?
I dont want to believe that.
All swedish North
Looks pretty good to me but sadly it will not happen.
Can you teach me CS?
Sorry to hear that, maybe you should have stayed in school.
Can you teach me CS?
nt supr3me
Should we see the Krieg back in pro play again?
Yea you know what I mean. Valve have tried to balance several weapons but it's just not possible. 1. Valve gives a weapon a crazy buff 2. People start to use it 3. The buff is OP 4. Valve nerfs the w...
Should we see the Krieg back in pro play again?
Naah, just give up on it. There is no way to balance the weapons perfectly, people will always pick one over the other.
Can you teach me CS?
You forgot to change the flag on your second account supr3me, you are busted.
Can you teach me CS?
Hhmm, there's a guy on this site called ''schlegue'' or something like that, he's been posting tips and tricks on hltv for several weeks.
North +grux
Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about aizy and his reputation right now? I dont consider him a good player anymore and it doesn't look like pro teams do either.
Either way, I dont think it's for you.
ENCE + Liquid
Ence - It does look like allu is the problem (judging from all the rumours and stuff) Liquid - They have been struggling for a long time, they needed to make changes. Didn't twistzz himself say that ...
Dream job ?
Maybe I have, maybe I haven't :)
9 Maps-Pool
I wish they would but I think it has no chance of happening at all.