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What makes you first started CSGO? (Tier 1 thread)
My friend gave me a copy of the game in 2014 (he had a key for the game that he didn't need/use).
csgo stalemates
I think it's an internet/ping/latency issue. Many times, I've been killed and I have also myself killed people behind cover (that can't be wallbanged) and I/people die like a full 1 second after they ...
nitr0 to gen g?
Gen.g have been doing really well and nitro hasn't, I really can't see them kicking anybody to make room for him.
Legija joins Envy
I assume Envy have not been able to sign the player(s) they really want so they bring in legija to play in the meantime. I really dont think that they would kick moose and ryann to make room for legij...
movistar riders
I dont think people want to play with smooya, he is known to be VERY toxic.
Grim best young NA player?
I guess. Junior and xeppa should also be mentioned.
Most common nationality of pizza delivery guys in your country
Mostly slavs (from what I have seen).
Spanish Team
Yea, i wonder if the organization freaked out or if the players didn't want to play with eachother anymore.
Spanish Team
stop my friend you make me cry my friend
Spanish Team
Best spanish team we have ever seen in csgo, that's enough for me.
Should money inectors be limited in football?
You can't stop money, everything and everyone can be bought.
Ok, yea, I thought that maybe they were free to leave or something. You know, I was thinking that an organization without a team (like SK or TSM) would sign them but if they cost a bunch of money the...
Erna Husko
Same bro xD