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Pro players steady aim
If u play at high level CS for a week or 2 you can get used to it because u dont have another chance of winning a duel if your aim aint steady.
BX3 vs
Yea its not a Major its a Minor :D But still sponsored by Valve so ....
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Fnatic will lose first map whatever it is then they will come back on the second map with a stomp and proceed to play good and win the finals. I see in the future believe me :D
ACG vs Enervate
Enervate are pretty serious so far. Its a game for Enervate for sure.
I forgot to point out why they are stupid. Its because they dont have to try that hard to have a mediocre life while in almost every other country you have to leave the country to progress.
Ive been in France enough to see that french people have very good country which makes them less intelegent in my opinion. I dont know why you hate Polish ppl but look at yours first ... People in you...
NiP SpawN and NiP RoBBaN Trial?
I still dont understand why u think Spawn is a good pick. Ive been watching his stream and his skill didnt look anything different than mine ....
flusha caught cheating at esl
Made me laugh gud thread :D
Your mouse and ill guess your rank
Steelseries Kana
Dignitas vs
Funny how polish ppl hate E-frag when there are posts about dreamer ban but they always support e-frag on matchlinks :D
E-Frag disq from ESEA...
I mean they have rules right? If they have rules they would have told E-frag that they cannot play or that they can find a stand-in to be able to participate and also they could have told that in the ...
E-Frag disq from ESEA...
"I thought its a very big and strict org" Cest bon comme ca frenchie ?
Xantares > GTR and KennyS?
Im not sure about this cheating thing but if he is that good without hax he probably needs better teammates to continue his career.
Space Soldiers vs Infused
I saw Xantares streaming until 5am this morning so if he performs bad thats why.
Dignitas vs
Yes but there are 2 online tournaments for a lot of money so i think its dig who will take it considering dig is already 1 map ahead when i wrote this coment.