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WikiLeaks Future
I have info also. Cloud 9 is ranked 120+
Best stickers
big ole yike for Zellis I think 2019 katos look like trash btw.
What were your pickems?
Diamond Inc BOYS! -
new gucci sneakers!
Free antivirus
don't use avg...i got vac authenticated yesterday... by the time i uninstalled it i got a 30 min cooldown and a fucking derank :) im just using windows defender rn.
-rush +tarik
plus in reality, tarik has no choice but to take the offer as stewie is going to liquid and taco and zews are going back to BR.... MIBR.
-rush +tarik
coL | tarik
already? pr00fs?
-rush +tarik
sources are saying complexity has put out an offer to mibr regarding tarik it's just up to him to respond to it or not.
gpu upgrade
im running a ryzen 5 with a evga geforce gtx 1050ti sc 4gb, and it doesn't even run off the psu, runs off the moba, i think it's a great combo and handles all new games very well, and my set up was a ...
Cloud 9 Euro
I'll be asking for skins when it happens.
Cloud 9 Euro
Eh euro teams play at football stadiums, c9 built their own doesn't mean it has to be an American team though results are results and so far 1 major is a bad investment
Forest leaves ....
A swede would be the first to reply, expected.
top 6 eras in csgo
LDLC/Envy had a better run then Gambit... just putting that out there..................
Also depends on Blast, IEM Chicago & DH Atlanta.. depending on results of those events there can be a huge roster frenzy, to where NV could maybe get rid of drone for like Yay or lose cutler and get a...