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US Tanks in Poland
EZ US rail gun satellite in space. Kinetic rods to rekt confirmed
americans onlyy!
there is no gap year here (living in cali)
right? no one takes lurpiss seriously anymore. dudes bat shit. Natu alright but he is biased af. Thorin is just a fag. like his "savagery" isnt even funny its like anyone could make the kinda jokes he...
Optic roster changes
also a reasonable point
Optic roster changes
It'd be safer to remove shroud first and then n0thing if his performance doesnt change. I think two players taken out immediately isnt that great for a team like c9
[*] sweden
he likes simple, hes retarded
Hitler opinion from Germans/others
seeing the comments....damn you guys are trying to compare wars and battles like fuckin sports. none of you shitheads were even in the war stop saying X did this better than Y. fuckin stupid ass kids ...
Kio GF Britain's next top model
kio the fish pulled that off? All that old nV cheddar
Kio GF Britain's next top model
the fuck ahaha
you guys are all fags. just appreciate all sports. if you dont like it then dont watch it lmfao fuckn nerds
Dear Valve
Do you have evidence they're biased?
Dear Valve
That's silly to say pros aren't qualified to make balance changes. Their voice has just as much worth as any other player. Even more so since they play the game all day.
Dear Valve
They just should buff m4s a little bit. Not too much though.
JW´s fault
Haha JW such a jester ! Very funny !!!!
summit1g roasts eu cs
i can see he really touched a soft spot