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Winstrike vs x6tence Galaxy
x6 will take one map, nobody said they would win, 288$ on it ;)
Winstrike vs x6tence Galaxy
well bets will be closed yes, take your money while you can
Winstrike vs x6tence Galaxy
shh...let them think that its 93-7 :DDDD
ENCE vs G2
trash team, wish them to be disbanded
Gratz Magisk ye grat this guy. aren't you ashamed? because you definitely should be.
magisk ex.cheater how he isnt banned...dafuq
Cheats won. Wish they lower their ego to the appropriate level: nonexistent, similar to their level of skill.
magisk ex.cheater how he isnt banned...dafuq
Please do continue. It's so adorable when you try to stroke your ego and show everyone how smart you are here while in reality you are a microscopic flea on the food chain, so far worth down you're ba...
magisk ex.cheater how he isnt banned...dafuq
The topic is about magisk dummy , i guess the information is too complex for your simple mind to comprehend.
magisk ex.cheater how he isnt banned...dafuq
Perhaps if you spent even a half a minute watching the vid instead of reveling in your own ego, you would realize how absolutely out of your depth you are.
sex with 3 girls in 2 weeks
savage hahahah
+ropz in mousesports
if +ropz so who is out?
lol how does he do this xD
if that is what you call being bot than i can't imagine what your gameplay is
that is why i said [BOLD]BACK[/BOLD]
ny takix jestkih fragov ne bilo vrode, a voobshe nado starladders jdat', tam i yvidem che da kak