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She wasn't elected, she was chosen by the democratic party as a positional presidential run, same as Obama, her district always has a democrat in it, Republicans dont even try to win that part of the ...
She has claimed to be socialist and has mentioned raising taxes to the extreme, so no it was the complete truth actually.
what happened to infite?
The us did win against the north Vietnamese army, they actually ran them out of the country within 3 months of landing soldiers and push the Vietcong into Laos but the democratic congress would now al...
as small business owner i have a better idea than most, and once the stock rocket hit records the "federal" reserve which is privately run chose to raise interest rates at the behest of our president...
trumps not the one raising interested rates, that the "federal" reserve and he has asked them not to bc it will hurt the market, but they are more interested in making money and hurting trump than hel...
FaZe wtf
Tarik would bring mass NA fans, and $$ for sponsors, way more than adren would, and faze is a na org also, im sure they would like more of an na following and putting a player like tarik on there woul...
-nitro +tarik
bc he is the weakest link, i would like him to stay but everyone else is just to good to go, and maybe -nitro plus stan but that would throw the awp around and might ruin the team chem, or maybe they ...
-nitro +tarik
-taco add stanislaw, let nitro support again
California fires
Calis EXTREME stance on climate change Are the reasons for the fires. They are incredibly stupid when it comes to forest management and wildlife lands. They basically pump water out to sea then never ...
Trump wanted to praise American soldiers who died in WW one
trump french
France was learning German in ww2, In FACT, France had a lot of German supporters before and during the war. One of the reasons they surrendered so fast was appeasing the German loyalest in franc. Fr...
Astralis fix