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Winning tournaments and high placings for such a long time, and then not winning for 2-3 months no matter the who the opponent is, clearly a slump (I mean, they lost to Splyce) But when you have NEVER...
"It's just a bo3, it doesn't mean that 1 team is better (not an excuse, this is the truth)" It does, since FaZe has never won a Bo3 against SK, so yeah...
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
16-0 NaVi with s1mple top contender...hahahahahaha [*]
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
OnlineJ is BACK BOIS
I've read the ruleset yet I can't find that "change orgs during tournament" rule http://i.cdn.turner.com/nba/nba/.element/img/2.0/sect/pulse/eleague/eleague_rulebookwebv3.pdf
Actually, i read that it was since LG had already qualified and SK (ex SK) didn't, it's like the roster move would allow SK (the org) to qualify directly with out earning the spot, so that's why the o...
There's no such rule, I think it was changing more than 2 members of the roster, which they didnt, and besides EL's owner said in a previous tweet that they werent going to sanction either team. ht...
Can you specify which rules have they broken?
SK ruins major finals
That, and FaZe are also the ones to blame for winning that Bo1 that screwed all the group. (Kio was the problem) [*]
"SK will be out"
Valve had enough of that so they removed inferno from map pool. RIP King of Banana
G2 for the revenge
Mmmm... I don't know about this one, is a toss up. In map pool and form, i think G2 is going to take this one but it will be very close.
Argentina vs Chile
Jinx'd it. GGWP
omg this girl
Wow, she's cute
That's why I said "from what we are used from him". Didn't say a GOD performance or anything like that. Dying less has also an impact on the economy of the team and not giving up the man advantage ...
Luminosity vs Liquid
Not their last match, but their last tournament as LG They'll play the major as SK