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Ukrainians come here!!!!
Average salary in Miskolc - 400 EUR Average salary in Kyiv - 500 EUR
Ukrainians come here!!!!
There is one Hungarian guy, working for me. He told me that in his region (Miskolc) salary is about 400 EUR and 1 mln Hungarians run from the country in the last years. Why the hell anybody want to go...
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
You are funny. I bet all 3 maps U 26.5 and I don't care who will win.
why people like s1mple?
He is not Racist or Homophobic. It's clear from how he speaks last years, since I understand his language. But he lives in a society where there are a lot of rasist and homophobic jokes. And even if y...
I don't hate Russians, I hate the chicken behaviour. Compare this to how Russians are scared of government
Totally agree with topic starter. Russians - are chickens, they never can do a real revolution. That's fact, eat it cowards
Vexed vs DreamEaters
I don't get, why all the kids here crying? If you always lose on lootbet, just bet on the second team!
adwokacik vs Unique
Please tell me you bet all on advokacik because of odds :))
Illuminar vs HAVU
Good match, I won 4 bets in a row :)) Every time bet on HAVU with 9/4 odds when they were loosing 1 round on overtime. Then cash out when they lead 1 round and do it again 4 times!
I hope you did not bet Tyloo. It's China - teams there is always 50% / 50%. Just bet on bigger odds
The reason is very simple. There are few girls playing compared to men. If 10000 girls will start playing the same amount of time as boys, you will definitely see new simple-girl or zywoo-girl.
What the problem here? The teams are 50% / 50%. If you bet on a wrong team after checking wrong odds it's your problem, not valve's
Major in UKRAINE
It's a bad idea for 2 reasons: 1. No good location, except some soviet shit, where DOTA major was held 2. Impossible to get visa by many countries, expecially asian
y USA want gun still?
WTF, never thought the shootings in USA happen so often!
y USA want gun still?
Tell me at least one episode from the history, when many US people took weapon and protect themselves from the government/cops? If this happen they all will be killed immideately