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Failed Eras
Blast groups are counted as tier1 event and there are prize money. Qualification groups have no prize money, it's only qualification
Failed Eras
Look at the screen shots, are you blind? Qualification groups are not titles, lol. Moreover, they lost much more, then won. And from ESL Cologne 2016 to ESL Cologne 2017 how many titles they won? It ...
Failed Eras
Eras: Astralis 2018 - 2019 (55% won, 13 big titles in 2 years + Intel Grand Slam) NaVi 2021 (73% won, 8 big titles + Intel Grand Slam) Fnatic 2015 (45%...
Failed Eras
2016 - 15 big tournaments took part, 2 majors and 2 titles won 2017 - many titles, but not even top2 at both majors Sorry, if you want era, you have to win major and all titles, like NaVi and Astrali...
Yes, so finally we will have some interesting event :)
Richest CS GO orgs?
wow, cool
Richest CS GO orgs?
Hey guys, your "richest orgs" also travel to tournaments like this? :)
Ready for 2022?
Navi Era is 2021 2022 is totally new year
S1mple 1 MVP shy of Device?
Navi 2021 $3.663 mln Astralis 2018 $3.653 mln Who cares about your majors?
In 2018 there were 2 majors with 500k + 500k, navi won 1 mln in one major. It's the same
s1mple MVP
I wanted B1t to be mvp, but it's almost impossible in the team with s1mple :(
navi era
Natus Vincere is the most succesfull team in the history in one year NaVi 2021 - $3.663.750 Astralis 2018 - $3.653.250
861k viewers
Even with the boring final
Why is Navi literally unbeatable?
They are not unbeatable, any team can win with some luck. But I am sure the reason is b1t. No other team has 3 aimers, maximum 2. With 3 aimers, you can do much more