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[18+] GYM transformation
no he does not, building muscle will first and foremost build plasma and blood, you will actually gain weight in the beginning if you aare serious about it. It takes time for a beginner to lift ...
[18+] GYM transformation
if that indeed is you, keep going! can I ask for numbers? also what are you ddoing (aat the gym)? if you want advise on something let me know!
SS Xai Shit, bad sensor, works terrible on cloth math, medium+ hand, prefer claw grip (which is bad on that much) EC2 better, still crap, mouse3 is hard to press, very much like Deathadder but sm...
Flusha disrespectful towards twist and doplan
BUT... This is an interviewer, if he starts complementing their play they will ask detailed question trying to fish for something. Flusha has done this before and has no interest displaying his ...
GPU Brand
if you gonna do anything I would go back to Nvidia, you might have better "performance" from ATI but their drivers are shit, meaning it doesnt really matter.
Vikings wrong
what are you talking about, his village is at the edge of Kattegat, he can only be Danish
driving exam
do what your instructor tells you
north salary
Astralis public said they grant themselves a monthly pay of 10k$
loss 10kg in 1.5 week !
its very possible if he just starting out, most of that is water.
I am honored by your reply Kate, didnt know you where into CS, what you say we meet up some day... Coffee?
good point, 1 little detail, that was a close match and they had s1mple. Now the lineup is Zero and STYKO?... you see my point?
USA richest country in the world
are you stupid? richest country? THey have a enormeous debt, 1 of the main reasons Trump got elected. Look into banking, valuta ratings tell you the richest country, Arabia being a good bet, Nor...
Poles more hated than russians?
they are even in my book. 1. they dont speak english 2. they fail to understand tactics 3. they fail to understand teamwork 4. they fail to show any interest in the game other than "W" and "mous...
Weapon advice/strategy for FAMAS and M249?
well both of them have less powerfull caliber than m1a1 and ak and spray is crazy inaccurate. FAMAS, stick to burst function unless they are close-to-medium distance, even vs many you are not gonna...