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Underrated song in your opinion
JAMPPI LOST ?!?!?!??!??!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
did you even read it? he trailed as a consumer therefore targeting Valve GmbH which makes consumer goods. Valve responded Jamppi is not a consumer therefore they have no claim because Valve GmbH is ...
is it allowed for players to bet?
It used to be, but now I am pretty sure Valve forbid betting by pros at their events since it would generate conflict of interest and matchfixing like seen before. *NOt sure if its legal when you are...
1+1=3 no joke
Job in Denmark
Is this a serious question? If you move to work in Denmark you are under Danish law and so Danish work ethics apply which is about the best benefits in the world. Your base salary will be high even ...
Job in Denmark
I know based on your topic that this is a joke. Danish salary is about 500% better than an equivalent Polish one, should be a no brainer for anyone. Have a nice day!
Help me with maths question for skin
if you dont consider teh relation of 1:3 you will end up with an equation saying P = P.
Help me with maths question for skin
you have to show, not prove. question is simple.
Help me with maths question for skin
The Point P lies on the line joining a (-2,3) and B (10,19) such that AP:PB=1:3 1. Show that the x coordinate of p is 1. You know starting point A(-2,3) and ending point B(10,19) and the ratio of P ...
in hospital
jerk off
SS Xai Shit, bad sensor, works terrible on cloth math, medium+ hand, prefer claw grip (which is bad on that much) EC2 better, still crap, mouse3 is hard to press, very much like Deathadder but sm...