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as a german i can guess the meaning of some written danish stuff but when i hear them speaking it's mostly not possible, german is too different there. as german-dutch it's way easier to understand ea...
Austrian-German joke off
i think it's a stupid joke because it doesn't make any sense. germans speak standard german and their own dialects, austrians speak standard german and their own dialects. of course vienna german is d...
Why turks don't like arabs?
sounds like you have the same problems like in germany haha
Why turks don't like arabs?
so basically like majority of turks in germany gg
Dust 2
they should make the middle like 1.6 and it's good, that has always been the major issue with source/csgo d2
Swedish prison
like all the hitler parodies blablabla it's still funny :DDD
BIG fans come here
hahahahha +1
stop overrating f0rest
he just raped shit players, now gets hyped again gg
BIG vs NiP
time to quit cs big bois
BIG vs NiP
can you please stop sucking dick big? i mean you probably won't but still maybe it's possible?
"BIG is disgusting'' in your language
he edited after my post gg
"BIG is disgusting'' in your language
widerlich also jetzt ein Nomen und mit "ie"
BIG vs NiP
expected hahahaha
of course as a good player you will be a good on any map. i'm talking about map setup, while other maps have a lot more angles and close distances on d2 you don't have that all which makes the map mor...
lul more like the opposite? d2 is worst for "campers" cause there aren't many angles the enemy has to take care of compared to other maps. there aren't many angles and there are many long distances, p...