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Just chill lol, you can improve and play at high level without becoming a pro player. Just keep the fun in mind
ngiN kicked from fpl
I 100% agree with him, fpl is a joke at this point. No surprise barely any top players play there anymore nowadays.
Germany come here
Some good many bad things, still a horrible sad state like all communistic countries.
Germany come here
East Germany = less industry and less jobs, lower wages, lots of right-wing and typical eastern bloc mentality. Communism has left its mark
HellRaisers new Logo
Imagine changing a beautiful logo which was actual art to some shitty two lines which a 6 year old can make in paint LMAO
Top 3 Teams at the End of 2020?
With the revamp of Astralis it could work out for North in the end +1
Mathimatical equation of skills
That's why f0rest is still one of the best. He just loves the game.
History repeating itself?
True I didn't say it was a paradise. Still in terms of being able to express yourself especially your sexuality some places like Berlin were more progressive than anywhere else.
Just played 3 MMs
Then you seem to have low trust factor. I also play mm from time to time and it's not as bad as you described. Yeah there's some annoying people sometimes but I don't know when was the last time I met...
History repeating itself?
The Weimar Republic was one of the most if not THE most free place on earth until that time (from an individualistic perspective). A shame what followed shortly after.
f1 joke...
DTM > F1
What character did you make in skyrim?
I often play as a stealther as well but also as a magician. I would love to play more as an offensive conjurer with destruction magic and swords as I did in Morrowind but it doesn't feel as good in Sk...
year you were born?
That's sad to hear, hope he stays strong and keep following his dreams.