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Fox died:(
shox team leaked "vakarm source"
fixing any team for REAL
ugh this is heartbreaking .. but really the one underperforming right now are neo + snax, but neo is the one underperforming harder so the logical one would be -neo but tbh who can they get? maybe +s...
fixing any team for REAL
no way to be top10 without awp sorry dude. they're just the best upset team rn unfortunately
fixing any team for REAL
oh yes totally forgot about trk lmao my bad yes hes insane and i'd love to see that lineup but as I said available plaayers are the twins and i dont see fnx joining sk again as he now has a team ( eve...
fixing any team for REAL
taco best support and no language barrier, let him stay he got lots of experience for team but yeah dunno liquid is in a hard spot
fixing any team for REAL
damn kebabs with their ego I'd like soooooooooooooooo much to see -ngin +woxic they'd be instantly a top10 team and a good tier1 contender as they'd finally fucking have an awper its so frustrating wa...
fixing any team for REAL
already fixed check #7
fixing any team for REAL
sk - tbh sk was so fkn good it was insane it looked like they were in their honeymoon period every few months for a good amount of time tho they were retarded to go for a international lineup the lang...
fixing any team for REAL
faze - tbh faze r retards idk how they cant fkn win anything karrigan is kinda overrated hes a good igl but his midround calls are garbage and it doesnt seem to get better. best case scenario is -gua...
fixing any team for REAL
nip - no need for now any fix dennis pistol god + huge brain lets wait and see. mouz - should fkn cut styko already i get it hes support blabla but hes losing so mant 1v1s it hurts me eyes. -styko + a...
I fix your national CS scene
LMAO forgot that I dont have the romanian flag. fix my romanian scene :v
I fix your national CS scene
go ahead